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Starhawk! Training for resistance

Starhawk will be in Oregon starting this weekend and for the next ten days. Starhawk has been in the frontlines of resistance for years. She was at the WTO, in the streets at the G8/Genoa, recently back from Palestine putting her life on the line. She is the author of "Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising. She will be speaking to activists as part of the Village convergence in Portland, rebuilding communities in Eugene, permaculture activism in rural Oregon and will be at the Earthfirst! gathering later in the summer.

Starhawk is in Oregon speaking to and training activists to stand up against the current takeover of earth's resources. She will be in Portland this weekend and in Eugene next weekend. Schedule below


Starhawk is one of the most respected voices in the anti-globalization movememnt. She is also respected for your work in the modern Goddess religion and earth-based spirituality movement. She organizes communities across the globe to resist facisim and the destruction of indigenious communities and earth's diverse eco-systems.

As an activist she is always in the front lines of resistance. She was at Genoa standing up against the G8. She was in DC for several large resistance actions against the present facist regime. She was part of the recent mass actions in San Francisco. She walks her talk!

She is the author or coauthor of nine books, including the classics The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and together with Hilary Valentine, The Twelve Wild Swans. She is committed to bringing the techniques and creative power of spirituality to political activism, being a veteran of progressive movements from anti-war to anti-nukes. She travels internationally teaching magic, the tools of ritual and the skills of activism.

Her latest book, Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising (New Society Publishers, 2002), explores these intersections. Her web site is www.starhawk.org.

She will be in Oregon for about 10 days organizing communities. If you have a chance to see her--go!

She will be part of the Village Convergence project in Portland, next she will go to Eugene to teach a workshop on training community organizers, and will hold workshops for the general public. She will then join earth defenders at the regional EarthFirst! gathering that is part of Cascadia Summer.

Here is a more complete schedule.

In Portland

May 17th - Pine Street theatre - 215 SE 9th and Sandy- doors open at 6:30 PM. (Get there early) As part of the Village convergence - will speak on "The Village, Localization Vs. Globalization" Starhawk world-renowned author, spiritual innovator, and activist.- Music from members of Lions of Batucada

May 18, Sunday
Portland Oregon Two events presented by Living Earth:
"Turning Vision into Action"
1-5 p.m., First Unitarian Church, Salmon St. Chapel (SW 12th Ave. at Main St.)

To challenge the structures that create inequality and justice, to remake the world, requires courage, determination, and underlying all else, a powerful vision. We oppose the destructive values that have led to this crisis time in history, and we struggle to create a society rooted in compassion, dignity, balance, justice, and love for the earth. Our challenge is to envision the real working components of that society, and find the tools and insights needed to bring it into being. In this workshop we will free our imaginations to develop this vision, and find tools, rituals and strategies to begin turning that vision into reality. Starhawk is a veteran of many social movements and an active organizer in the peace and global justice movements. She will lead this workshop exploring how we move from our deep, core values to political goals and strategies to realize them. We'll look at how to insure that our efforts, messages and tactics reflect our interntions and embody in the moment the world we are working to create. Participants will come away with tools and insights that can help them be more effective in all their work as living beings, as organizers and activists for deep cultural change.

Sliding scale, $25-50.

Booksigning after workshop.

"An Evening of Connection and Ritual for the Earth and All Beings"
7-9 p.m., First Unitarian Church, Fuller Hall in the Main St. church

Starhawk will offer this evening of healing and empowerment for all who work to protect the Earth and bring about justice, dignity and peace for all her peoples. This evening will draw on the strengths and bonds generated in the afternoon workshop, including more of the community working for a world rooted in compassion, justice and peace. This powerful time together will culminate in a spiral dance.

Information for both events: email livingearth@earthlink.net or phone 503-788-7311

May 20, Tuesday and May 21, Wednesday
Dexter, Oregon
starts 9:30 a.m.
"Connecting Permaculture and the Sacred"

Naka-Ima /Lost Valley Educational Center presents a two-day residental workshop with Starhawk, a combination of discussion, hands-on work in the gardens and forest, creating outdoor altars, nature awareness, and ritual. This workshop is geared toward people who already have some familiarity with permaculture, and want to focus on integrating spiritual practice with this work.

For more information, contact Lost Valley: email (541) 937-3351
...or visit the website at www.lostvalley.org

May 22, Thursday
Eugene, Oregon

Lecture at University of Oregon: "War, Peace, Terror, and Global Justice -Where Do We Go Now?"
7-9 p.m., at EMU Ballroom
$6 UO students, $11 public; Tickets available through UO/EMU Ticket Office.
There will be a booksigning after Starhawk's talk.

May 23, Friday
Eugene, Oregon, Eugene Garden Club
9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (with book event during lunch break, see below)
Workshop: "Vision and Action, An Activist Trainer's Training"

This workshop is for organizers -- participants should have some experience in direct action, and be committed to offer preparations or do organizing for upcoming actions (preference given to organizers of exisiting grassroots organizations).

Actions are more effective, and activists are safer, when they are prepared. This is a workshop for activists who want to pass on their skills and experience to others. We can create preparations and trainings that help participants overcome fear, develop confidence, anticipate dangers and practice responses, develop group cohesion and the skills to protect themselves and others. We'll learn how to plan an agenda, how to create role plays and interactive exercises that teach in an active way, and begin to collect our own tool chest of processes and techniques.

For more information: phone Amy at (541)345-1633 or email inform@rio.com.

May 23, Friday
Eugene, Oregon

Booksigning: Starhawk will do a short reading from her newest book Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising. at Mother Kali's Books, 720 East 13th
For more information, phone: Mother Kali Books, (541) 343-4864

May 24, Saturday
Eugene, Oregon
10 a.m.-4 p.m., Dorris Ranch
Workshop: "Magic, Ritual, and Activism"

How do we keep a strong vision of peace in these time? How can we sustain the courage and commitment to do the work we believe in,while taking care of ourselves? To remake the world, to challenge the structures of power that create inequality and injustice, we need courage and vision. In this workshop, Starhawk helps us find the inner tools that can free our imaginations to envision a society that serves life and honors diversity. We will find sources of strength and renewal of spirit in the earth and the cycles of nature. Starhawk draws on her experience with earth-based spirituality, feminism, permaculture, and nonviolent direct action to teach tools and skills that can help us be effective agents of change.

Sliding scale $25-75, pre-registration required, payment due in advance.
Bring lunch, snacks, raingear, blanket, sitting pillow, or chair.
For more information: phone (541) 746-6090 or email wyld@efn.org.

Dorris Ranch is at the intersection of South 2nd and Dorris Streets in Springfield, Oregon. Dorris Ranch is located two miles east of Interstate 5. It is accessible via Interstate 105 or Hwy. 126.

May 24, Saturday
Eugene, Oregon
8-10 p.m., Dorris Ranch (see above)
"An Evening Ritual for the Earth"

An evening of healing and empowerment for the earth and all those who work to protect her and bring about justice for her peoples, culminating in a spiral dance.
Admission by donation.
Participants are requested to contribute snacks or beverages for after the event.

May 25, Sunday
Eugene, Oregon
1-4 p.m., WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th
Workshop: "Taking it to the Streets (and beyond)"

This is a workshop in planning and carrying out effective direct actions that directly challenge oppressive power. We'll cover staying calm and grounded in tense situations, assessing a situation and making choices about responses, theories of nonviolence and diversity of tactics, de-escalation, protection against police violence and chemical weapons, mobile tactics, scouting and security, and practical street solidarity.
Admission by donation
For more information: phone (541) 746-6090 or email wyld@efn.org.

May 26, Monday
near Grants Pass, Oregon

Earth First! Regional Rendezvous
For more information, contact: OR mfd@mazamaforestdefense.org
For information email nwregional@mazamaforestdefense.org
...or visit the website at www.cascadiasummer.org/calendar/regionalrendez.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.starhawk.org

pic 15.May.2003 13:38



workshop 15.May.2003 13:44


The workshop is already sold out -- and you'd better hurry if you want to sign up for the ritual! email  livingearth@earthlink.net or phone 503-788-7311

go to eugene 15.May.2003 17:24


We are going to Eugene for traning for activists who want to learn to train communities to resist. It's a 3 day training...can chose to attend any part of it. should be good...! That training is May 23, 24, and 25.

ugh 16.May.2003 00:01


why are all these events spendy? 75-fucking-dollars to see starhawk speak about how to fight capitalism???? ok, so i pay money to someone (the basis of capitalism) for the unimaginable pleasure of hearing their opinion on how to fight the capitalist system, which they embrace?.....ooookay. i'm sorry, but any activist loses pretty much all their credibility in my book for trying to get money out of people, especially for something like hearing them speak. i mean, come on, if you're really interested in teaching people how to develop a revolutionary community, charging them money for that education is bullshit. i may be reacting overly strong to this, but it really strikes a sour note with me. what's more important to these well paid "activists", a revolution, or a nice house? oh, i know, everyone needs money to live. ok, so work a shitty job for some fucking capitalist like the rest of us, and at night, use that money that the capitalist has given you to work against him/her. sorry, but revolution requires sacrifice. you can't be in bed with the system you hope to destroy. education should be free, not a seminar that some rich liberal arts kids and middle aged new agers can afford. but i guess its a little bit more easy and prestigous to make money off of activism, since that requires little to no sacrifice....oh, and did i mention my new book (available in all major bookstores for the small price of $19.95) titled "How to fight the system profitably, and attain spiritual enlightenment, just like me!", by moon-sparrow-butterfly-goddess.

I'm with 'moon-sparrow-whatever' 16.May.2003 00:15


I agree with moon-sparrow-etc. Checking out her website, it seems like she's quite the little capitalist. Pity how people try to profit off the movement.

- SunCrow

where the money goes 16.May.2003 08:37


The money goes to the activists in Palestine right now. At other times it goes to other projects. She gave money to the G8 action and the WTO ..etc. She lives very simply. She lives in a cooperative house in San Francisco, and shares a cabin in the wilderness with other people that she goes to when she needs rest. She is not collecting money for herself, but for a community of actvists. The money goes to pay for transportation, food, and a place to be. She just came back for Palestine and was standing with a group of resisters when a young man was shot in the face. She was in the frontlines in Genoa and at the WTO. She was arrested at several events including Washington D.C. Many of us want to hear about this, because we may have to be in the frontlines someday soon.

I happen to know that in Eugene, if you don't have the money you could sign up to volunteer in place of paying the money...especially with the training workshops.

I will pay the money because my money will go to something good. Also, she is a woman who is not negative against women and community. I am really sick of listening to white males. You may not understand this but recently I heard a woman talk about what is happening in Venezuela. I realized that I miss women's voices, and women's persepectives. I am going to see Starhawk because a lot of women will be there and I need to be enveloped in a more feminine thoughtful, energy right now.

I am very careful about where I spend my money. I have very little money. I work hard. I always buy a Street Roots paper and I give money to KBOO. I am giving my money to the Starhawk event because I know that she will use it well, not for herself and it will help to build a strong, healthy, activist community. That has not happened in Portland yet. I only see very territorial white males fighting for power over who will lead the "peace" movement into the streets.

What is needed is an inclusive community that will not only go to the streets, but change it's collective behavior to reflect the world we want to live in. In that community, there needs to be a place for people of color, women and children. There needs to be a place for people to live cheaply, for there to be part-time jobs that will allow us time to do our activist work. There needs to be a activist community that is safe for women.

We need to learn to pool our resources, like the Reclaiming community (Starhawk started this) and take care of one another and those who are near the streets, or losing all thier support from society (seniors and disabled). We need to rebuild the schools into something positive and healthy for the children.

There is so much to do. We have so little time. When someone comes along to help us organize, to put themselves out there to lead, why? must there be so much criticism? I have great respect for those who will lead in a way that does not create more hierarchy. Starhawk and the earth spirituality activist movement may not be your way...but it is the best that some of us have. It will take many tactics to bring us altogether again. Please try to do your research before you trash those willing to put themselves in the front lines right now.

What's With the White Males? 16.May.2003 14:05


I see a lot of commentary on this site along the lines of , "I'm so sick of white males"; "white males are everywhere"; "white males are always grabbing leadership"; "women are better than men", etc.

I'm not a white male, but I cringe everytime I see this phrasing. I can't believe a group of so-called radicals are capable of sexist, racist, language and nobody says anything. What happened to the idea of looking at the content of one's character,not the color of their skin.

Or their gender.

White males can be: thoughftul, shy, loving, compassionate, weak, giving, just like anybody else.

No one demographic has the lock on good vs. negative qualities.

Do the people posting these comments enoy seeing themselves as "other"?
Does it give them a perverse sense of power to be a victim?

ok serena, but... 16.May.2003 17:44


ok, so i checked out starhawks website, especially the donations page, and the groups she wants people to donate to seem pretty respectable. BUT as far as i know, the money she is collecting for this promotional tour is going to her and herself. i haven't heard any mention of her donating the money she recieves for this tour to ANYONE. maybe i'm mistaken? and if she IS donating this money, then how does she get her money for living? does she work some shitty job like the rest of us? did she get a nice inheritance from daddy? or, most likely, she supports herself off of these promotional tours and by selling her book. am i wrong? people like Starhawk want to change the world, as long as they can live comfortably by doing so, and i hate to say it, but this a particularly bad habit of the Baby Boomer generation, as exampled in all these spendy-ass spiritual self-help seminars. if you TRULY want to help people, you won't fucking charge them.
and as far as her personal expenses, well lets see....lets figure for one of her "activist training" things, she gets about 40 people, and they each give the MINIMUM 75 dollars a head, with donations encouraged to $150, . 40x75=$3,000 MINIMUM!!! ok, so the cost to rent these dorm style rooms in this "nature retreat" (lostvalley.org), now this part is guestimation, but i would figure that they should charge about $30-50 max, a head for a shared room for one night, and five meals. so this leaves Starhawk with about 25-35 bucks in her pocket, per person= about $1400 for TWO DAYS WORK!!!!! keep in mind, this is assuming everyone there pays the MINIMUM, and no more than 40 people attend (which i heard the event may actually be sold out) thats way more money than i earn IN A FUCKING MONTH!!!!!! and thats just a day and a half of her seminars. yeah, i'm sorry but this still seems like BULLSHIT. ok, sure starhawk was in Genoa and Palestine for some protests, thats fine and dandy, but so where about 500,000 people who didn't make a fucking penny on it!!! but of course, those other 500,000 didn't write a spiritual self-help book. i mean, i would just LOVE to not have to work a shitty job, and then get to fly to Genoa to protest, then to Palestine, and have a nice co-op house in Frisco, AND a nice little cabin in the woods for when i need "rest", but i can't afford it, because i'm working class, and i am not making cash off of my activism, because its something i love to do.....although, maybe i should, starhawk and all those other new agers seem to make a pretty good living off it.
and Serena, i feel you that you want to see more female leaders...so BECOME ONE! screw paying money to hear these oh-so-wise fucking leaders, stand up and make yourself heard, i'm sure you have just as good, if not better, ideas than $tarhawk (tm).

Yeah 16.May.2003 18:36


Exactly. Being an aktivi$t can be quite profitable in this day and age. Get a few follower$ and you are rolling in the dough. Preach on whatever the 'masses' want and you're $et for life.

internet posting 26.May.2003 10:22


Person A: I am right, you are wrong.
Person B: I am right, you are wrong.
Person A: I am right, you are wrong.
Person B: I am right you are wrong.
Person A: I am right, you are wrong.
Person B: I am right you are wrong
Person A: I am right, you are wrong.
Person B: I am right you are wrong.