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The Village Building Convergence and The Village Experience

I have been attending the Village Building Convergence event that started this last weekend and is continuing into next weekend. It is in basic terms an exercise in building community and on a larger scale it is learning to live a life in harmony with the world we live in. This event is a powerful experience that has had an effect on me and I feel will change Portland as we know it, toward a positive direction.

During the day they have been working on projects around mainly SE Portland that include painting intersections, building benches, and erecting enclosures made of natural material. You must visit some of these sites to see the amazing work these people are doing to transform Portland. For a peek and directions to the different locations go to www.cityrepair.org . I really have only been able to attend the lectures at night because of work but I wanted to share the experiences I have had there. Friday night was the opening ceremony and I was in anticipation of what was going to occur. They started off with some music and then welcomed everyone to the event. You quickly realized that this was not a formal event but much closer to a gathering of friends.

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