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Poem: Butterfly Kisses

Let your divine beautiful self shine out as a beacon to all. You are loved!
Butterfly Kisses

Eat some chocolate
Paint a self portrait
Using only finger paints
Dance in the garden
Wearing only your
Pink bunny slippers
Give your self a hug
Open up to your
Divine beautiful self and
Receive the anointing of
10,000 Butterfly kisses

A poem by William A. York
Copyright (c)2003 William A. York. All rights reserved.
City Image whatever 15.May.2003 02:56

The Redcoat

in Portland
is wearing
this year
the anarchists
must have all
left town

blooms 15.May.2003 08:41


Looking from my window this morning, I saw that my petunias had bloomed in spite of the slugs, hail and surprise freeze. After tending those plants from seed to bloom, I felt that there was a poem in there somewhere...something about the thin thread of life between seed and bloom...And then the feeling of hope looking out at the new life. But I am not a poet, I just like reading poetry and growing flowers.

butterfly in the woods 15.May.2003 10:04

mother nature's son

in the Giff the other morning --
with the sounds of birdsong, squirrel-taunting and woodpecker labor,
with the golden warmth of sunlight beaming down on the spot i found by this log,
with the comforts of clean air and the bitter taste of Oregon grape root in my mouth --
a butterfly alit on my hand,
thwip-thwipped its tongue on my flesh and
tickled from knuckle to knuckle,
seeming to savor whatever it was eating;
dead skin? sweat? i don't know.
the people who would capture, pin down, measure & classify it
"Nymphalis californica" might feel they have an answer,
but i don't care about that.
the butterfly's "kisses" alone, unanalyzed,
are enough for me.
no gift from god need be explained;
only appreciated

message from the future 15.May.2003 12:09


today we all wear
clothing made up rice paper
naked in Spring rain

thanks to all 15.May.2003 12:39


who took time out to sweep up and find some truth and beauty to share ... as cloying and trite as that sounds. sincere thanks.

flutterby 15.May.2003 13:53



Oops 15.May.2003 14:56


In case you hand't noticed, the line from 'message from the future' is supposed to read:

clothing made of rice paper /


hmmm... duly noted 15.May.2003 15:02


but, as with a lot of creative stuff, sometimes the mistake is more interesting than the intent. i still really like it as is... thanx james!

Poem 15.May.2003 15:41

Ludd ludd91101@yahoo.com

No Unwanted Children

Enough with elitists
Time now for the great rise up
No time but the present

Free the robot minds
Unplug them from their circuit boards
technology dies

Out from the cold fear
Here comes our revolution
our new earth order

Say goodbye to greed
Not one more profit to be had
everything is free

Unite! Unite! Now!
Sisters, brothers, friends and lovers
True power our own

Last night 15.May.2003 15:42

Az Yet

You were more than incredible ...
Last night you were so in to in
You told me secrets that
You've never told a soul
You were so nervous and
yet oh so comfortable
As we explored your image of love
I drank your wine
As you tasted mine
I kissed your lips
You felt my body slip
Into your soul
I heard you moan
I almost cried 'cause it was so beautiful
Last night
I was inside of you
Last night
While making love to you
I saw the sun , the moon
The mountains and the rivers
I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you

Last night, there was no planning it
It was so special and
So very innocent
We talked of memories
Our favorite fantasies
As we explored our visions of love
And deep into the night
Right by the fireside
You felt my candlelight
In your soul
You felt incredible
I started to explode
I almost cried 'cause it was so beautiful

Sunlight, red roses
The scent of you, it calms the heart
The sight of you, I fall apart
Moonlight, the things we notice
When we're in love, that's when it comes
And I'm so in love, I'm so in love

Okay, this is really cheesy 15.May.2003 16:05


This one's for you, Ludd.

The revolution has come and gone
in Russian and Yongbyon

workers rallied for the cause
foregone conclusions gave them pause

promised workers equal wealth
delivered little but itself

good in heart but bad in practice
capitalism won-out fastest

the hopes and joys of intellectuals
stripped of all but the essentials

communism, that light so bright
but what about our civil rights?

Hunger 15.May.2003 23:31

mr sterile

Poem by Alan Brunton, this reworking by mr sterile for performance at the memorial of Bruntons death.
A Brunton was one of the most prolific, anarchic, and driven poets in Aotearoa/New Zealands recent times.

We are civilised. We eat salt.

Hunger for the sweet
hunger for the sour
for the bitter
hunger for the salt, white
money of what we are
which is like a thirsty
not for water
gets wilder during days
with Hunger

We keep on

in our veins sodiums
from a remote Precambrian Age
we sweat atoms
in that origin
Hunger so bad
mamas cram themselves with dirt
the genital salt of the earth
and we hunger

We keep on

Above the dead
we dance in acts
spontaneous triumphant
or with devotions when bereaved
Woo, our minds
start up like salt-drinkers in the jungle,
the startled heart leaps, to these optimistic songs

In this Hunger we fear to catch our death
from products in our time available
Too much salt might push us so far so fast
we would zoom to a miraculous sleep

... nevertheless,
my friend, be salt in excess to me


You know... 15.May.2003 23:31


reading James rebuttal to Ludd (very good, james! no slam intended, Ludd) i was reminded of how in Arabia (i think before Mohammed) the greatest thing was poetic debate- meaning debating all this issues in poetic form. Now that's impressive.

one more 15.May.2003 23:41

mr sterile

heres one more before i slip back to my side of the planet
for independent press

Take a propa gander
at the bold black lines
and see if you can discern
any lies
it's a manufacturing marvel
of these modern minds
to market to the masses
the same mumble many times.

The symbols and the syntax
supplied within the news create and construct
a cartoon of correct views
and once its on the screen
its valid then as proof
so go flick through the channel
to see the branded truth.


To target to the market
takes a certain skill
select out the stereotyped
image of all the social ills
There's pills for cocks, pills for highs,
and pills to counter pills
in addiction, who needs substance
as long as there is thrills.

So tease out the tension
with warnings of terror
and colour code the chaos
to prevent the picture getting clearer
hide behind the safety lock
the telly suggests a survival kit
but now a little dearer


so take it once, take it twice
take it right between the eyes
take with mock satisfaction
bent over, open wide
take it long, take it soft
whatever you do, take it all
heres the choice for the taking
no need for blinders made of wool.

Here we are and here we go
its always showtime
and we know they always lie
but somehow not this time
we deplore the criminals
unless its own crime
then we hollar 'its justified'
within the parties 4/4 time

each morning comes the latest slant
comes rolling of the press
all the people that have been saved
like a turkey being dressed
and I know one way of the other
there are those who 'cant care less'
so ladies and gents present your tickets
for the one-way ride on the Babylon express.


"La Rev. no es" 15.May.2003 23:42

posted by jack stewart

Revolution is not an AOL Keyword*

You will not be able to stay home, dear Netizen.
You will not be able to plug in, log on and opt out.
You will not be able to lose yourself in Final
Or hold your Kazaa download queues,
Because revolution is not an AOL Keyword.

Revolution is not an AOL Keyword.
Revolution will not be brought to you on Hi-Def TV
Encrypted with a warning from the FBI.
Revolution will not have a jpeg slideshow of Dubya
Calling the cattle and leading the incursion by
Secretary Rumsfeld, General Ashcroft and Dick Cheney
Riding nuclear warheads on their way to Iraq,
Or North Korea, or Iran.

Revolution is not an AOL Keyword.
Revolution will not be powered by Microsoft on
The Next-Generation Secure Computing Base
And will not star Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Or Larry Lessig and Martha Stewart.

Revolution will not promise penile enlargement.
Revolution will not get rid of spam.
Revolution will not earn you up to $5000 a month
Working from home, because revolution is not
An AOL Keyword, Brother.

There will be no screen grabs of you and
Jeeves the Butler one-click shopping at My Yahoo,
Or outbidding a shady grandma on eBay for
That refurbished iPod 20-gig.
MSNBC.com will not predict election results in Florida
Or fact-check the Drudge Report.
Revolution is not an AOL Keyword.

There will be no webcast of Wil Wheaton boxing
Barney the Dinosaur on the dancefloor at DNA.
There will be no mob- or wiki- blog of Richard
Strolling through Redmond in a medieval robe and halo
As St. iGNUcious of the Church of Emacs
That he has been saving
For just the proper occasion.

Survivor, The Osbournes, and Joe Millionaire
Will no longer be so damned relevant, and
People will not care if Carrie hooks up again with
Mr. Big on Sex and the City because Information
Wants To Be Free even while Knowledge Is Power.
Revolution is not an AOL Keyword.

There will be no final pictures from inside the
World Trade Center in the instant replay.
There will be no final pictures from inside the
World Trade Center in the instant replay.

There will be no RealVideo of 2600-reading,
Linux-booting white hat hacktivists
And Mickey Mouse in the public domain.
The theme song will not be written by Jack Valenti or
Hilary Rosen, nor sung by Metallica, Dr. Dre,
Christina Aguilera, Matchbox 20, or Blink-182.
Revolution is not an AOL Keyword.

Revolution will not be right back after
Pop-up ads about eCommerce, eTailers, or eContent.
You will not have to worry about a
Cookie in your browser, a bug in your email, or a
Worm in your recycling bin.
Revolution will not run faster with Intel inside.
Revolution, dude, is not getting a Dell.
Revolution will increase your Google rank.

Revolution is not an AOL Keyword, is not an AOL
Is not an AOL Keyword, is not an AOL Keyword.
Revolution will be no stream or download, dear
Revolution must still be live.

*See generally Gil Scott-Heron,
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.


My shitty contribution 16.May.2003 09:45


I think this is really awesome- all these poems. Maybe indymedia could have a permanent section for poetry? just a suggestion. Anyway, here's my crappy poem.

Class Time

A plastic bag
shoots by in the breeze
crossing the campus
at breakneck speeds;
it must be late for class.

Another shitty contribution 16.May.2003 09:48


"These are your Golden Years"

I sat and Listened to stories
and fell in love with
invisible revolutionaries
I am I was
infactuated with
my own youth,
sweet frantic optimism
I so badly
wanted to be
away wild and warm
hot summer that
matched my youngness
I sat and drank
my cafe au lait
and pretended
I spoke french
and pretended
I was not molding
and pretended
for a glittering second
that I am not young
and full of wants.
I am so young
I know
I am
destined for greatness.

pome 16.May.2003 10:21


for years now I wait
in the everlasting dawn
nothing seems to come
everything is gone
the air is getting thicker
and the water is warming
the ground is getting harder
and the trees keep falling
I wonder if I left here
would it all remain the same
if I left my legacy of apathy
alongside the river
would the water take it away
revolve, evolve into the axis
of her spin
begin to let life fill
the very heart of your lungs
get up off your hands
and run with the river
down the crooked path
to the ocean and the waves
leave behind your apathy
and take part in the change
renew yourself in the beauty
of the morning rain
and dance in the revolution
to celebrate change

pdx indymedia poetry page 16.May.2003 14:39

pdx indy volunteer

in response to "iwishowasabetterpoet ", who said: "Maybe indymedia could have a permanent section for poetry?". The "arts & culture" section was created for that purpose. it's got stuff besides poetry, too. click on it in the left-hand sidebar, or go directly to http://portland.indymedia.org/en/topic/artsculture/.

Copy Right? 16.May.2003 18:41


There are good alternatives to copyright now.

REBEL EROTICA 18.May.2003 16:24

V rebelerotica@hotmail.com

Rebel Erotica is still seeking spoken word performers, if anyone is interested  rebelerotica@hotmail.com
May 27th 7pm at Red & Black Cafe 22nd and Division
Benefit for Cascadia Summer and Red & Black Co-op