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Reclaim It!

Language is limiting, it divides us, and defines us. Our culture divides us into two groups, and we are all either one or the other. There are no alternatives in our culture for people who don't fit the norm or don't want to.

One of these ways is in pronouns. Our language is divided into two genders, "male" and "female"* and through this division, anybody, any act or any expresion that is different than male or female is silenced, ignored, murdered. It's very hard to escape this division in our socialization, in our daily lives.

There have been many discusions and many arguments about pronouns. Whether or not to use them in the first place, or why. Personaly, I'm all for the idea of alternative pronouns, for my own reasons, some of which Iv'e tried to communicate, even if to just open up a discusion or start people thinking. And that still leaves questions, questions for everybody to answer for themselves. Which pronouns to use, to invent, what do they mean? What do they represent? What pronoun fits your needs? Why not use they or the persons name? The point is, if people want to have different pronouns, what do you use, what do you feel comfortable with?
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