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MAY 15, Thursday, Public Hearing to takeover Enron-PGE by formation of a Multnomah County Public Utility District. Time: l0-:00-noon and 6:00p-8:00p

Enron has stolen $400 million in taxes from Oregon that PGE ratepayers already paid for in the electric rates. Enron owns PGE. Show up in large numbers to speak at the hearing tomorrow and vote in the fall. The signature gathering by www.oppc.net has placed the Public Utility District on the ballot. You can contact their website for more info.
Our local utility, Portland General Electric, is now tied up in bankrupcy court since Enron owns it. It is the most valuable asset Enron has and feeds its criminal activities with $l00 of millions of dollars from PGE customers. It is time to get Enron out of the state.

The Oregon Public Power Coalition led a petition drive which succeeded in getting the formation of a Public Utility District in Multnomah County on the ballot in the fall. Thursday, May 15 is an historic hearing held at the County Commission Bldg off of Grand on SE Hawthorne (501 SE Hawthorne) . The Public Utility District will have a locally elected Board of Directors. Come out and speak your mind about how Enron is destroying our communities.
Enron is President Bush and Vice President Cheney's favorite partner in the energy and water operations throughout the world. THIS IS THE FIRST PUBLIC ATTEMPT TO GET RID OF THEM. Be visible, BE THERE.

FURTHER INFO: www.oppc.net

homepage: homepage: http://www.oppc.net

Eminent Domain 16.May.2003 12:58


I'm skeptical of the government wielding and or threatening the use of eminent domain, in the name of getting a certain company out of the state.

I'm also skeptical the state will be able to run PG&E better or more efficiently than it currently is. (I hail from Hawai'i, where our electricity cost $0.13/kWh. So personally, I'm quite pleased with my electricity rates, even with the Green Mountain Energy plan:P)

Aside from the fallacious "get Enron out of Oregon" argument, what benefits do you propose I'd see with a publicly-owned electrical utility?

Less pollution? Lower rates? If you can't realistically guarantee a combination of the two in a significant way, it seems like an abuse of eminent domain, to me. (Even if we end up purchasing the utility without eminent domain...Since the threats have already been thrown, which could easily have scared off other potential buyers, thus lowering the price).

Eminent domain should never be used because "things will be a bit better." It should be used only when absolutely necessary, for the good of society. If the city desperately needed to widen a freeway, for example.

I think you could make a compelling argument that lower pollution /is/ absolutely essential to society and PG&E has not done enough towards that end. (Although, the various polltution-free energy plans, hydro-power, etc is much more than other utilities have done, such as HECO in Hawai'i, where almost all energy is from oil). But I've seen nothing detailing how, exactly, a publicly-owned utility would achieve such a goal. Raising rates is not really an answer, since it would be to the detriment of the poor.

And frankly, I seriously doubt a PUD would be able to achieve that goal. Which is why I'm somewhat opposed to the idea.

But I don't claim to know much about it, so if someone can prove me wrong, I might change my mind :P

James, PGE not PG&E 18.May.2003 08:42