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Piratic Reaction!!

Crew desired to join together and create Pirate Media Circles to blow out Corporate Media Takeover
Are you infuriated by the latest round of attacks on the public airwaves? Pissed by the heavy-handed Gestapo-like approach of the FCC? Want to do something about it? Yeah, well, me too.

Let's get together and start a pirate media circle- I'm talking radio-waves, UHF, whatever the hell we can think of. I propose a meeting of like-minded people (maybe at Red and Black so we can sniff out cops and feds) who want to do something about this hostile takeover. If they won't listen to the voice of the people we've got to make it too loud for them to ignore. I'm thinking we'll need engineers, tacticians, DJ's, VJ's, interviewers, programmers, lawyers, etc. The sooner we get started the better.

Anyone who's interested either comment here or email me- I'm fully aware that the cops and/or feds will be interested in this crew so if anyone has tips or advice about how to go about dodging their dodginess, please also post here.

The peoples' voices cannot be stymied!
sounds interesting... 13.May.2003 13:05


I'll meet you at Red and Black if I can make it (at whatever time you specify). Anyone interested might want to go volunteer at KBOO and learn as much as possible about broadcasting.

Heck, what would it take to set up a legal community TV studio (anyone know how much it costs for power and equipment)?

free your radio 13.May.2003 13:34

free your radio

free your radio
free your radio
free your radio

microradio_dot_net 13.May.2003 15:57



free your radio 13.May.2003 15:57

free your radio

free your radio

what to do 13.May.2003 23:06

this is only a test of the emergency broadcast system...

I have no previous experience in this, but from what I've read about the pirate radio in Seattle, the government won't waste any time threatening to take any equipment you have.

What might be done, to prevent this and to keep the signal going, is first develop radio broadcasting equipment which is cheap and easy to build. Then distribute this equipment to as many interested and devoted activists as possible. After that, just coordinate via the 'Net about what the group will play. Each ministation could play for an hour (or some short enough time that the FCC won't be able to triangulate the signal), and then switch off and let the next ministation go. If the FCC does find the station, the equipment should be cheap enough to just hand over to them.

<end transmission>

Sniff it 14.May.2003 08:51


"Bend up and sniff my anal vapor" - Frank Zappa

I'll help 14.May.2003 13:26

austin gross nargmage@yahoo.com

I could program & design a website for it (free)
heres some screenshots of stuff I did:  http://nargdom.net/portfolio