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Call for internet action to help stop FCC's media deregulation

Use the Internet to educate and to help stop the FCC's plans for media consolidation!
On June 2, the Federal Communications Commission intends to lift restrictions on media ownership that could allow your local newspaper, cable provider, radio stations, and TV channels all to be owned by one company.

The result could be the disappearance of the checks and balances provided by a competitive media marketplace -- and huge cutbacks in local news and reporting. Good, balanced information is the basis for our democracy. That's why we're asking that:
"Congress and the FCC should stop media deregulation and work to make the media diverse, competitive, balanced, and fair."

Network news is not giving this issue a fair amount of attention because of self-interest. Many corporate media outlets have set up web sites for people to discuss their programming, products under the corporate umbrella, etc. We can flood these message boards and use their very own tools to educate the public to the dangers of media consolidation.

Some examples:
MTV  http://www.mtv.com/community/message_boards/boardsdir.jhtml
BET  http://betboards.bet.com
HBO  http://www.hbo.com/band/resource_center/cmp/rc_message.html
ABCnews  http://abcnews.go.com/sections/community/DailyNews/Community_Index.html#boards
John Stossel (from 20/20)  http://boards.abcnews.go.com/cgi/abcnews/request.dll?LIST&room=stossel
ABC's World News Tonight
ESPN  http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/sportsnation/messageBoards
Warner Bros  http://boards.warnerbros.com
Nickelodeon  http://www.nick.com/blab/messageboards/
History Channel  http://boards.historychannel.com/

Also be sure to:
1. File a comment with the FCC. The Center for Digital Democracy has a form that simplifies the process:

2. Write to your elected officials. You can look up the name and contact information of your Congressional and Senate representatives by entering your zip code at:

The fix is already done 13.May.2003 10:59

your privates

It is doomed. If you read between lines Mr. Powell has already made it legal. All the contracts are signed and more of the same will come to you.

It is sad sad sad.

What is appalling is how they still try to look fair and bother to present an image before they evacuate their decisions.

Peace be on all

DAY-OF rally? 14.May.2003 18:09

ariel arielcrary@excite.co.jp

i was thinking that a day-of rally to protest the new (un)regulations would be cool.contact me if interested in helping organize it. thanx