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Hanford DOE Hearings tonight at 1441 NE 2nd Ave

DOE has been proposing to create a "Hanford Nuclear Reservation" at Hanford. this involves trucking all nuclear weapons waste from California to Hanford., via I-5 through Porltand. Tonight there will be a hearing at 7 at the Radisson Hotel, with a prehearing meeting for activists at 6. After previous hearings, the DOE received 4000 letters in opposition and had to rewrite the plan. Call (503) 232-0484 for more info
If this plan goes forward, the Department of Energy will be trucking highly radioactive plutonium waste from California, up I-5, through Portland to Hanford. This is being touted as a temporary storage plan. Nothing at Hanford has ever been "temporary."
The <a href=" http://www.hanfordwatch.org/introduction.htm" target="_blank">The Hanford Nuclear Reservation</a> is a serious long-term threat to the Columbia River, which Oregon depends on for power generation, farm irrigation, fishing, transport and recreation.
About 54 million gallons of high-level radioactive and chemical waste are stored in 177 underground tanks the size of three-story buildings, buried in Hanford?s central area, about 12 miles from the river. Over the years 70 of the tanks have leaked about one million gallons of waste into the soil. At least some of the leaked tank waste has reached the groundwater, which eventually flows into the Columbia River. Estimated time for the tank waste to reach the river is anywhere from 7 to 20 years to a couple generations. How badly it damages the river depends on how much gets there and when.
Presently the U.S. Department of Energy does not have a plan for intercepting the waste before the waste reaches the river. DOE has been pumping liquid waste out of the leaking single shell tanks into the newer, not yet leaking, double shell tanks.

Please contact your senators and representative. Tell them you are opposed to the importation of any more radioactive waste into Hanford from DOE sites in other states.

homepage: homepage: http://www.hanfordwatch.org
phone: phone: (503) 232-0484