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Open Letter To Katz and Commissioners

Angel had a hard time posting this - therefore I'm posting it for her.
About 60 people met with District Attorney Mike
Schrunk this morning (5/12) in regards to last week's
shooting of Kendra James. A wide range of community
members and religious leaders shared concerns and made
requests from the DA's office. The most important and
consistent message is about ensuring a fair
and lawful process as this case goes to the Grand Jury
sometime this week. We request that respected members
of the community be allowed to observe the
proceedings to ensure they are fair and legitimate.

For far too many reasons to be named here, we cannot
trust the police to police themselves. Many of us
have personally witnessed incidences where
police act as though they are above the law, and they
so often get away with it. Police violence against
Portland's citizenry has even been repeatedly
awarded (example: murder of Jose Mejia Poot) or
excused (example: recent asaults at protests and
elsewhere) not dealt with approriately under the laws
that govern the rest of us.

We demand a legal system that is factual and fair to
the victims of police violence and we demand proof of
it. We are unable to have faith in a legal
process based on the word of the Police Bureau alone.
Since no Portland police officer has ever been
indicted for a shooting in the line of duty, it
will be impossible to believe that what happens behind
closed doors is legitimate without a community
representative that can verify the laws are

In order to begin building trust and addressessing the
serious problems in the system, we seek community
witnesses as the tragedy of Kendra's death is
investigated. No matter what the results of the Grand
Jury, we know there is much to be done and that we
must all work together in solidarity to make sure
Kendra did not die in vain. This means our justice
system and political leaders must support our requests
for observers. It is not too much to ask!
(Although it is unfortunately not common practice, it
HAS been done before).

Time is short! Please do what you can NOW to ensure
justice and an accountable legal process! Thank you
very much!

Angel Kelly Caldwell
Excellent letter, here are more ideas... 13.May.2003 08:53



Things to do...

Call the Mayor, again and again. Tell her enough is enough is enough! She is in charge of these cops. There is obviously a deep problem! The Mayor must take responsibility.

Attend the City's upcoming budget hearings and give them a piece of your mind about funding for the violent cops.

Find out when your neighborhood association meets. Try the Office of Neighborhood Involvement in the City pages. Go to the meeting and add an item to the agenda: "What is our neighborhood's stance on cops harrassing and killing our neighbors?!"


img 13.May.2003 13:25