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Howard Dean For America Fundraiser

This is about a fundraiser for Dr. Howard Dean, taking place on Wed. May 14th at 12:30. This even takes place at the Benson Hotel. See article for directions!
Dear Oregon Dean supporters,
We have very good news! The Dean campaign has lowered the ticket cost to the Benson Hotel fundraiser to a suggested donation from
$100 to $25 (or $50, or whatever you can afford).

This event is on Wednesday, May 14 at 12:30pm at the Benson Hotel, located at 309 SW Broadway in downtown Portland. Here's a link to a map
for our out of town supporters.
pfft 11.May.2003 21:48



Let's crash it... 11.May.2003 22:09

Johannes Ikovit

Let's crash this extravagant bullshit yap-yap festival. Who the hell wants to hear some cowardly democrat reformer anyway?

realistic 11.May.2003 22:18


Well unfortunately, the Dems are the only chance we have in '04 to get the Bush regime the hell out of the White House.

the only chance? 11.May.2003 22:24


WAKE THE FUCK UP! Not only are "the Dems" not "our only chance," they're not "a chance" at all. Our only chance is us.

. 11.May.2003 23:24


Getting the Bush gang out is only meaningful if you replace them with something better.

There seems to be an underlying assumption that a Democrat would automatically be better. Lieberman is not better for example, and Clinton may have been more damaging and dangerous than Bush cause he managed to elicit support from progressives who turned a blind eye to the destructive policies he pushed through and the military actions he sanctioned.

When it comes time to vote, may do so if Dean is the democratic nominee. It takes very little time to vote, so it does not waste much time.

Remember, Bush stole the election by defrauding voters in Florida (and maybe other states we dont know about). Katherine Harris, rather than going to jail, is given electoral office. The 2000 election was rigged and the Democrats and the nation let them get away with it. No value playing a rigged game.

you got it 11.May.2003 23:33


yeah, it is a rigged game - amazing how so many liberals and progressives hold out hope for something and hardly bother to mention this sort of basic fact. Damn right Katherine Harris was given electoral office. She should be in prison! The dems let this happen with hardly a whimper. Then there is what the Democratic Leadership did to Cynthia McKinney. No way I'll vote for the Dems after that. They are corrupt beyond redemption!!!

put up or shut up 12.May.2003 00:31


Why must you wanna-be revos insist on raining on Dean's parade. Wouldn't your time be better spent working on that Noam Chomskey for President campaign or sitting in a tree fort. Real people who really actually want to get Bush out of office will doing our best to elect a vaguely progressive Democrat while you guys try to get Katherine Harris arrested. Good luck.

good troll jumbo 12.May.2003 00:36

time for beddy-bye

get your jammies on and say yer prayers.

only chance 12.May.2003 07:13


By "only chance" (and I am the fuck awake, thank you) -- I mean we are not going to tear down the electoral system by election day next year and replace it with something better, unless the whole system collapses, which is a possibility.

**Realistically** we have two choices, Bush or a Dem. I wish it were otherwise, and election reform has got to be one of our priorities. Right now, I'll take a Dem who at least is openly opposed to the Bush reich and talks about health care and gay rights and foreign policy like a sane person. The other choice: see you in the handbasket.

rumbling 12.May.2003 09:07


First - The dems already know who is going to be selected for the nomination. The new primary process greatly reduces the possibility of a strong grassroots campaign. The dem leadership has a tight grip on the process. The candidate they decide to nominate, will be in their pocket, bought and sold. As one commenter said, it is arguable whether that person will be any better than Bush.

Second - Bush and others fixed the election. Now efforts to push electronic voting nationwide, with the companies marketing the electronic machines being owned by Republican interests has provided the means to more easily fix the vote. The U.S. is the only nation in the world using electronic voting where the code and process is not open to public scrutiny.

re: Jumbo, TG - rather than get mad at people who think this business is dirty and has no chance of any sort of honest candidate being elected, why don't you address these sort of points. Yelling at people and calling them wanna-be revo's ignores the very intelligent points being raised.

You are assuming that an honest candidate has some chance of being elected in something like a fair election. There is plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise, and I do not hear progressives who are calling for support for Dean or Kucinich addressing these very real points. If the game is rigged, and there is no chance your candidate can win, then it is meaningless to spend time there.

tg: you're still sleepwalking 12.May.2003 11:01


yep: see you in the handbasket.

directions please 12.May.2003 13:11


Radtrad, could you please post links to any articles about electronic voting ? Esp. about republican influence, private code, which states and counties are implementing, etc.
Raising awareness about this well before the election is important, methinks.

fair voting 12.May.2003 18:16


Voting can be fair and grass roots and we need to make that happen soon. the possibility of instant runoff elections lets people vote who they REALLY want in office, and make a second and third and so-on choice and no one wins until they have received a majority of the votes. Most of us are poor. We should be the power base and institute TAX CREDITS for living sanely, simply, We should determine how our taxes are spent.

all I'm sayin' 13.May.2003 01:50


All I'm sayin' is: Fine, the whole stupid thing is fixed and the Republicans and their secret voting machines will probably steal another one. So then we're all screwed anyway and we should all just shut-up or move to Canada. I'm not asking people to fall in love with Dean. I'm not saying pin all your hopes on him. I'm just saying he might be able to win the nomination and he might be able to beat Bush and that beating Bush is a good thing and that if you agree that beating Bush is a good thing you will at least get out of Dean's way and maybe even throw your vote away on him. Is that really so much to ask?

Dems 14.May.2003 00:51


I'm curious what you Dean voters plan on doing if (just kidding; of course I mean when) Lieberman gets the nomination. Are you going to take your organizational energies and apply them to the public work that needs to be done to publicize how fucked up it is that the only choices available to the public are two religious fundie megalomaniacs stuffed full of corporate money and hell bent on creating a Big Brother Surveillance state, or are you going to shuffle around and mutter about the "lesser of two evils" and spend your time trying to shut up the people who are trying to point that out? (Watching supposedly "progressive" institutionsbring their shit-slinging apparatus to bear on Ralph fucking Nader was one of the most sickening things I've ever seen.)

Look. I hope your boy Dean gets the nomination. I really do. I wish you all the luck in the world.

But the DLC owns the presidential primaries; all the corporate money will be on Lieberman, so I'm not exactly dipping into my savings to buy buttons and bumper stickers.

I won't get in your way, but don't think I'm going to be real sympathetic to your heartfelt convictions a year from now that Joe Lieberman is really a great guy and I have to vote for him to get Bush out of office or else I'm a spoiler or apathetic or whatever else the New Republic says you should call me.