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Images of Vigil for Murdered Woman

I'm not much of a photographer - but here are few images I captured this evening. Brian was there - and I'm sure he will share his images soon. I was really really surprised at the LACK of turn out tonight. I guess I just assumed more people were horrified and outraged. I guess with Mother's Day and all - folks couldn't show up. At BEST there were maybe 200 folks.
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img 11.May.2003 21:04



This there any explaination from police? 11.May.2003 21:32

Leroy Brown

Why did they murder that girl?
Do they even try to try to explain?
Has anyone heard anything from the police at all?
Are we supposed to just accept this?

They'll kill again. 11.May.2003 21:39

Mr. T.

They've tasted blood and they'll kill again as sure as shit.
Where I come from they kill a mad dog.

a link to my photo essay 12.May.2003 09:59

Brian Thomas

I was not able to successfully post these pictures to Indymedia so I put them up on my site:


Let's see if I can get one picture up.

silent vigil for Kendra James
silent vigil for Kendra James

call for action against Lars Larson 12.May.2003 11:10


Speakers at the rally said that Portland TV commentator and radio talk show host Lars Larson said something to the effect that the Portland Police should be thanked for removing Kendra James from the city of Portland. Does anyone have the exact quote?

I note that on his web site Lars is trying to use some story about someone in the mental health community wanting Klingon translators as an excuse to not pass the tax revenue measure and lay off 600 teachers. Does anybody know anything about this Lars Larson?

If you have questions you want to ask Lars Larson here is some contact information:

KXL 750 AM radio

KATU 2 television

Coming up on today's Lars Larson Show: (weekdays noon to 4 pm)

* It's First Amendment Friday with Lars live at Olinger Travel Homes in Gresham...stop by and say hi!

* Call Lars at (503) 417-7575 or (800) 827-0750

* E-mail:  lars@larslarson.com

I added this here because the other post will probably get composted soon:

Phone Number to stay updated - on Kendra James case

I wrote the number down: 503-986-1722.

I also remember a young black man having both arms broke by the portland police - because he witnessed the beating of a white man. The black man's sister spoke on his behalf - as he didn't feel comfortable talking about it. It was hard to hear - but I hope this man has filed a fricken complaint - and action is being taken. I don't know much more than that concerning that situation