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Can You Spot the War Crime?

When is a war crime not a war crime?
May 12, 2003

Can You Spot The War Crime?

by Gregory Elich

Now that the war in Iraq has come to an end, the Bush Administration is
planning to prosecute former Iraqi officials for war crimes. According to
Administration sources, hundreds of Iraqis will be put on trial, and
thousands more may be granted amnesty in return for confessions. As
Pierre-Richard Prosper, US Ambassador for War Crimes explained it, "There
must be credible accountability. For crimes committed against US personnel,
we, the United States, will prosecute." Crimes committed against the Iraqi
people are to be judged by Iraqis, acting under American guidance and
control. "Atrocities and abuses by the regime of its own people should be
tried by Iraqis," a high-ranking US official said. "We're prepared to
provide support which could range from financial aid to legal experts to
judges, to make it credible." The obvious premise is that only American
control will result in a "credible" process

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how fucking ironic 11.May.2003 20:09


kinda like being charged with assault of a cop's fist with your face.