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Documentary Film Showing: The Coup in Venezuela

Now that the war in Iraq is "over", the United States goverment and media are turning attention back to Venezuelan affairs and oil. We want to invite you to learn the role that the media played in the Venezuelan coup and to join us for a discussion about the current situation of Venezuela.

?On April 12th 2002 the world awoke to the news that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had been removed from office and had been replaced by a new interim government. What had in fact taken place was the first Latin American coup of the 21st century, and the world's first media coup....? www.chavezthefilm.com

The Revolution
Will Not Be Televised

Presented by the Bolivarian Circle of Oregon

This film shows never before seen footage of what really happened during the coup d?etat against Venezuelan democratically elected president Hugo Chavez.

A panel of discussion will follow the film.

Saturday, May 17, 6:00 P.M.
Portland State University
Smith Center, room 327
Suggested donation $6
(we will not turn anybody away)

I will be there 11.May.2003 21:07

Aaron Shaver ashaver@pdx.edu

After being blasted with the CNN, Fox, etc., versions of the events in Venezuela--in other words, the corporate- and government-sanctioned versions--I am eager to see another side to the story. I will be in attendance.

chavezfilm_icon 11.May.2003 23:51



I saw this 12.May.2003 12:34


It's GREAT! Don't miss it.

Dont Miss it! 12.May.2003 17:25


I did too saw the video but I would love to see it again! What a shame of the USA to back that terrible coup against elected presidente Hugo Chavez. !!

I will be there.

Gloria B.

Bravo! 12.May.2003 17:29


Thank you Circulo Bolivariano de Oregon! I heard about this video from a Venezuelan friend. I cant wait.

Other videos 13.May.2003 15:41


Dear Circulo Bol. de Oregon

I heard there are other videos about Venezuela. I am interested in seeing "Other Way is possible" Do you guys have it??


REQUEST 21.May.2003 12:04


where can i find a copy to show it at my school?