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Good idea?
I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a sit-in protest in the courthouse square for an entire weekend against the immoral and illegal occupation of Iraq. What do you guys say? Are you with me?
How about.... 11.May.2003 13:40


Right after the PPRC Rally and March? Everyone who wants to join in can just bring in there tents and set them up during the rally and then have the march come back and meet the tent group?

... 11.May.2003 13:47


tents are likely to get you kicked out really fast, or attempots to get you kicked out started faster. i suggest just blankets for the night, maybe a good supply from the Bins, and stash them in someone's car or something until later, so that they don't get confiscated early on. lessons from the peace camp. Also have cameras/other recording devices...

good idea 11.May.2003 14:40

J P Cupp

I am fully supportive of this idea, as a begining to anti-occupation solidarity. I might bring down some announcements and communiques from comrades across the arab world. Anyway, their is a second part to this. If one were to think in terms of protracted struggle, their is no real point to getting sprayed in the faced and club for the sake of proving soemthing. remember the sort of guerrilla tactice, strike and retreat. in otherwords say when the brigades werre blocked this was good. when the police come it is a forgone conclusion that either my moral or physical, or numberical force we would be able to hold off their advance, so keep in motion and diverisfy tactics create a diversion and continue to spread on and take the streets. their is no point in getting beat up and sent to jail. it does not advance anything tactically at all. Perhaps comrades do not get what i am impling so i will spell it out real clearly. Don't let your self get beat up for the sake of pictures of such incidences of abuse. it won't accomplish anything. it took me a few rounds of ammunition and some bleeding and lock down to get it through my skull, but i did. don't get me wrong i believe one should be willing to fight and die for principals, but no necassarily at this stage in the game were we live should they try to pursue maschism. I think we should consider building anti-occupation solidarity, and study very closely the anti- occupation factions, their ideology, relative strength, goals etc as this knowledge is an intricate part of deiceding our tactics as well as were our direct support and solidarity lie!!

Death To US Imperialism!!!!
Death to Zionism!!!
Victory to Palestine!!!
Victory to Iraq!!!

Get a life - Get a job 11.May.2003 16:39

Haven't you got anything better to do?

That's all we need is one more protest When are you crybabies going to be part of the solution instead of standing on a street corner whining?

Here's an idea.... 11.May.2003 21:36


Get a damn job and quit clogging the streets.

Why are you afraid? 11.May.2003 23:28


Why do you fear change so much that you feel the need to denounce others' rights to display their opinions. You are right I don't have a job. I instead attend college and am planning for the future. This is why I protest, because I want my future to be the way I want it. Does that sound a little selfish? Yes. But such is the intent of voting. So please think before you attempted to thwart our legal rights. And please stop acting like the troglodytes you claim us to be.

FUTURE! 12.May.2003 08:54

B.U.M. Hunter

Yes, i want to have a happy and exhilirating future. I have a job, I am a full time college student, and I am happy with the way our country is. Apparently so is the rest of the majority since special interest agendas continue to get voted down. Please realize that you are in the minority, very few of the people here want your agendas, want your "future" or want to see you protesting for that matter. I mean if you could present some logical arguments for your causes I would probably give them more value but since I have not been able to find a protestors cause that had some factual and logical reasoning to their arguments I am not going to be supportive or empathetic at all. have a great day. the future looks bright.

B.U.M. Hunter

Right on B.U.M. Hunter. 12.May.2003 17:06


Way to put it BUM!
Kelso I don't get why going to collge exempts you from working. I worked my through college. It sucked but yearned the true value of what I have.

it says WEEKEND 13.May.2003 10:55


Um... The suggestion was for the WEEKEND. Most people, excluding retail workers, work during the week. Just like America to have such fucked up work ethics that your entire value as a human being is judged by your job....

Had a Job 14.May.2003 01:56


I had a damn good job, mid-level manager in a global high-tech firm. Now I don't, thanks to Bushonomics.

What I don't understand is the "get a job" mentality, as expressed by the more, ahem, conservative-sounding posters here. Lots of us had jobs and are competent, hard-working individuals. Some don't have jobs and don't want them.

Want to know a dirty little secret? Most people hate their jobs and resent being slaves to their paychecks and to the corporations that abuse them. Maybe that's why they spew their "get a job" venom, they simply are jealous because they presume that others are less miserable.

Whatever. You don't have to hate those of us without jobs--it could happen to anyone, including you. It's getting more likely by the minute. However, some of you trolls may resent us because there are many of us that are smarter, more talented, and happier than you--even if we are out of work. Peace.