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Borders Books Union Worker Speaks

Borders Union worker speaks at the "Meeting the Challenge" labor conference
Borders Books Union worker/organizer Holly Krig speaks at the "Meeting The Challenge" Labor Conference April 12th 2003 at Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bordersunion.com
phone: phone: 651.451.6240

What's a "union"? 11.May.2003 18:05

Nona Bow

While I respect folks for standing up for themselves in the workplace, I would like to respectfully question radicals cheerleading for crappy business unions.

Specifically, the union in this case, the United Food and Commercial Workers is disgusting. It has no record of internal democracy and its model (like the SEIU) is of a service model where members are not expected to participate but recieve "servicing" for their dues money. This model leads to a passive membership rather than an active and knowledgable membership capible of acting in their own behalf.

If you want to see the UFCW in action, at home on the small screen, check out the movie "American Dream" an Oscar winning documentary about the UFCW's sell out of the P-9 local in Austin, MN. The UFCW is truly vile and we need to build unions on a different basis, for example that of the IWW where the workers/members are the union rather than being serviced by the union.

That said, since these workers have already picked the UFCW, we must support them. We must also must encourage them to make this disgrace of a 'union' into something different. Until that time we must also alert workers to the real nature of the UFCW and keep them away from them.

The P-9 local wound up calling their union UFCW- United Front for Cutting Wages!

a union is its members... 13.May.2003 19:27

union people

if you were to explore the UFCW 789 in souith saint paul, youd find a very democratic and active union. active in both local and international workers movements. the 789 signed an anti-war declaration, supported journalist Roger Calero, a SWP member, with his fight with the INS, fought fair and free trade legislation, any many other areas that are essential to the working class men and women of this planet.
you must explore the facts further before making such a sweeping declaration.