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Sunday night vigil for Kendra James, woman murdered by Portland Police last Monday

On Monday, May 5, the Portland Police brutally shot and killed a woman in the back, following a pattern of cold-blooded behavior that has become their standard method of operation. Racism, classism, homophobia, and other forms of willful ignorance are ordinary characteristics of a department that is led by a former Los Angeles police officer, Mark Kroeker, with the approval of a pro-business, fuck-everyone-else mayor, Vera Katz. The police have been increasingly out of control, and the death of Kendra James is only the latest example. The people of Portland need to rally behind her community and against the city, demand the punishment of the guilty officers, the resignation of Chief Kroeker, and the abdication of Katz.

Tomorrow night there will be a candle light vigil for Kendra James - at the place of her murder. Tomorrow is Mothers Day - I personally would like to show support to the grieving family - and my outrage at police conduct. Won't you join me? Skidmore - two blocks West of Mississippi on the freeway overpass. You can't miss it. 7pm Sunday night.

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