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Vigil For Kendra

Come and support the family of murdered child
Tomorrow night there will be a candle light vigil for Kendra James - at the place of her murder. Tomorrow is Mothers Day - I personally would like to show support to the grieving family - and my outrage at police conduct. Won't you join me?

Skidmore - two blocks West of Mississippi on the freeway overpass. You can't miss it. 7pm Sunday night.
background 10.May.2003 23:37


On Monday, May 5, the Portland Police brutally shot and killed a woman in the back, following a pattern of cold-blooded behavior that has become their standard method of operation. Racism, classism, homophobia, and other forms of willful ignorance are ordinary characteristics of a department that is led by a former Los Angeles police officer, Mark Kroeker, with the approval of a pro-business, fuck-everyone-else mayor, Vera Katz. The police have been increasingly out of control, and the death of Kendra James is only the latest example. The people of Portland need to rally behind her community and against the city, demand the punishment of the guilty officers, the resignation of Chief Kroeker, and the abdication of Katz.

get the facts 11.May.2003 07:27

beaver one

You left out some very important parts of your article, the true facts. She was resisting arrest, all four occupants had outstanding warrents and she had a rap sheet longer than your misleading article.

And? 11.May.2003 07:38


Those facts mean nothing when someone is murdered. If they do mean something - then why have court systems? Why bother with a jailhouse? Why not just shoot everyone who has taken the wrong path in life?

Your logic is one of murderer.

Open Mind 11.May.2003 11:41


JayJay -

I'm glad you can have such an open mind about this. I can't. If this shooting was justified - the Police would have stated that edvidence from the get-to - to cover their ass.

Justified? 11.May.2003 11:50


It was no coincidence that it was the rookie who fired the shot. It is a reflection of the type of training the Portland police are receiving and a general disregard for human life. This is especially true for the poor and minorities who are most often victims of police brutality. I myself am outraged and saddened by this event and angered by anyone trying to make excuses for the murder of this attractive young black woman.

See You there at 7Pm - 11.May.2003 18:29


It's 6:30pm right now - I'm on my way to the vigil - I hope there is lots of support for this womans family - and two babies left behind -

Consider Both Sides 11.May.2003 23:09


Frankly, what bothers me the most about the entire situation is the use of propoganda with the criticism of the Portland Police. While I hardly ever agree with their tactics, the facts are that she was a drug addict who very well could have attacked the officer. Not every shooting of a person of opposite race as the officer is racially motivated. Believe it or not, police officers are humans too. Consider both sides before you declare that Portland police murdered her. Most of the pictures show her holding her child, the same one she probably would have sold for a fix. Get the facts, consider them, and make a rational conclusion. Instead of attacking local police constantly, consider the bigger issues such as John Ashcroft and his attempts to create a right wing utopian society throughout the United States.

wow 11.May.2003 23:44


> Most of the pictures show her holding her child, the same one she probably would have sold for a fix.

That's the most racist thing I've heard in a while. Amzaing that someone who wants us to remember that the police are human would refer to a recently murdered woman as if she wasn't. And even if she "attacked" an officer, with her weighing about 100lbs I wouldn't consider her a lethal threat to multiple to police officers and hence I have a hard time believing there is a justification for shooting her.

Killer cop's 12.May.2003 10:44


My son in law was murdered by a policeman with hand's fully raised. Witnessed by six people. One his seven year old daughter. We are a white middle class family. The shooter cop is white. A minor traffic stop. After careful aim, two in the heart. The cop said he was sorry that he shot while she was watching to her. This is a killer cop who needs to be prosicuted. I doubt he ever will. He has no soul. He ha wreaked havic beyond repair. My two grandchildren are in counceling. Christmas I asked my six year old grandson what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said that he wanted to be a policeman. I asked him why? He said that then he could arrest all the bad policeman. I said nothing. Kendra my heart and prayer's go out to you and your family. For all who live thinking that this could never happen to their family's.It is certianly time for us to all stop and take a good look around. May god have mercy on killer Cop's

I see why you're anonymous 12.May.2003 11:36


Someone who asks that we consider both sides goes on to convict and sentence the victim without considering her side? You think it's justifiable that they gunned her down because, as you so eloquently state, "she was a drug addict who very well could have attacked the officer"? They're somehow justified in using force because she "could have" attacked someone? They DID attack her. Now, she can't attack anyone. Is that your logic? The only undisputed fact here so far is that she was not attacking anyone, she was trying to get away. They killed her because they didn't want her to get away. Police state.

As for your comment that she would have sold her baby for a fix...is this how you consider both sides? Justifying homicide because a person is a "drug addict," is this more considering of both sides? Wow. You need help.

Your racism is seething. Perhaps you could apply for a job as a portland police officer? (If, that is, you don't already have one.)

good call 12.May.2003 20:31


>Perhaps you could apply for a job as a portland police officer? (If, that is, you don't already have one.)

Considering the police have already admitted to regularly monitoring this site, it is safe to assume that the supposedly "objective" posts which ignore the facts and fling racist rhetoric are in fact our popo watchers.

Note to popo: Allow your little buddies to go down, do not cover for them or risk being dragged down too. You have all gone too far recently, and when the civil suits start hitting the PPB and City Hall and grand juries are convened you will have the option of coming clean and telling what you know or wait for your buddy to squeal on YOU. Sleep well tonight, it's a lot comfier than the jail cell you'll be shivering in, awake all night waiting for your cellmate to slit your throat.

Wow? 14.May.2003 19:53


Re: Consider Both Sides

You accuse me of being a racist, yet does anywhere in my post contain racist language? I said she was a drug addict who would have sold her child for a fix, not a black person who deserved to be shot. Drug addicts come in all shapes and sizes, and frankly, a crack addict driving a vehicle straight at a police officer poses an imminent threat. Step into the shoes of an officer one day on the job in South Central Los Angeles, and you will crap your pants. I criticize the Bush administration, Portland Police, and the government just as much as you do. But there is a time when you have to consider all sides involved and look for a middle ground. Perhaps this Police Officer was a tad out of line ... but it wasn't racially motivated, and it was hardly police brutality. If they shot her execution style it would be different ... yet they did not, they made a decision that you probably would have made in the same shoes. AND if you'd rather police start using less lethal means to stop criminals, perhaps you should expend your energies campaigning the Republican senators in this state to stop cutting taxes so the Police can put proper funding into proper research, development, and training. Instead, you spend your time getting arrested and spitting on them, wasting their time, and wasting the taxpayer's money. Get a life -- get the facts -- get in touch with reality.


Is a car with a 100 pound dead woman a danger? 15.May.2003 12:13


I close my eyes and I look in my mind, and I consider is a car with a 100 pound woman driveing a car she can barely touch the pedals after the police drag out the man behind the wheel who weights 250 pounds 6 foot tall where she cant reach the pedals or the steering wheel a danger or is a dead 100 pound woman leaning on the steering wheel driveing out of control more a danger to the police officer or anyone near by or of going over the freeway overpass, of course the car would have to get by the two police cars blocking in the car kendra was between. And I ask myself did she have a lience or could she even drive? Can someone look into that for me, did she drive or have a lience? I watch the movies dont the police? I mean whenever the police shoot someone driveing in the movies massive destruction happens to property or others in the way, if I was a cop I wouldnt shoot someone behind a wheel, cause for sure I would be run over by the car,ooooooooops i aint spoosed to think im of color...........my bad

Kendra James Murdered: Result of a corrupt system 17.May.2003 11:24

Rich Bass rajzes@yahoo.com

When I heard the news about a un-armed 21 yr old black women being fatally shot by a portland police officer, I wasn't surprised. I wasn't shocked. Police across this nation are murdering and beating people everyday...and everytime the officer(s) are excused and never prosecuted. The truth to it is that frankly Police are not held responsible. They operate above the law and when an officer murders someone a certain process begins. 1) the officers are put on paid leave. That's right a paid vacation for murdering someone. 2.) The media steps in and reports the story. And that's exactly what I call it...a story. A fictional story. The article will talk how the person had past problems with the law, etc. etc. etc. Propaganda bullshit...brainwashing if you will. And of course a lot of people read it in the papers and think...."Must be true what I'm reading, because it's printed in a paper"....Notice with this murder of Kendra James. The articles made sure that they printed how Kendra had some past troubles with the law and that she was a drug addict. Did you also see the picture they chose to post on their article? A mug shot of her , supplied by who else....the portland police. Why not a picture from Kendra's family? The reason is simple...It's called assasination of character. First the police assasinated Kendra, and now the media will assasinate her character. 3) While Kendra's memory is being dragged through the mud and her family is put through this hell of lies and "no comments" from city officials and other police officers. There will be marches and meetings held, and this will last for a few months after which it will die down. The police will of course do there little biased bullshit investigation as will the district attorney. And of course they will find that the officers did not act in a manner outside of their duties. 4) The mayor and/or the police chief will make statements to the press how they feel sorry for the family..blah ...blah ...blah...(appearing to be sympathetic) ,but then they will say that the police are here to serve and protect..yada..yada ...yada..yada..(more propaganda bullshit). 5) Eventually lawsuits will be filed and the attornies, and city officials will drag this out for a year or two. During this whole process...more allegations and lies will be put out by the police/media and Kendra's memory and character will be stepped all over and destroyed. Her family will have to fight and put the pieces back. 6)In the end , the lawsuit will be settled or dismissed. The police officers will not be charged at all and will probably be back on the streets after some (so called) "training". The police Chief, and the mayor and several other city officials will make their dumbass statements on how "we the citizens of Portland need to put this behind us and make Portland a better tomorrow.......And how wonderful the Police dept is for making (so called) new changes to how they train and are put through cultural sensitivity training.....Honestly they're just making these statements for future votes on the next ballot. These bastards really dont' give a shit about Kendra or her family and are really only making statements like these as an advertisement for your vote in the next election..

So who really benefits from this whole tragedy?: The attornies will of course get paid. The media will benefit because they can advertise how they "report the facts and bring the truth from the streets.....blah blah blah". Police chief will benefit (public eye) because he made some sympathetic comments in the press and now the police dept is requiring all officers to go through more training. The mayor will benefit because she along with the police chief will make sympathetic comments to the family and how portland is a safer place now.....the goal being, getting your votes.

Now Kendra's family will have to put the pieces back. Her kids are without a mother now. For the rest of their lives they will be tormented by sorrow and anger. So where is the justice here? This shooting is not unique to just Portland. You think Rodney King incident would have been reported accurately by the press unless someone had video taped it?

In the end it's just another young black person being killed by the police. Yes even though it was one officer who fired his gun at Kendra it is a system that buried Kendra. This system is a manner of thinking and involves a whole group of people from City Attornies, the media, Police Chiefs, Mayors and other elected officials.