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Please Vote Yes on Multnomah County Measure 26-48 Submit Ballots by May 20

Measure 26-48 is a three-year, 1.25% income tax for Multnomah County residents that:
-Provides Funding for Schools
-Protects Seniors and the Disabled
-Restores Public Safety
Measure 26-48 is a three-year, 1.25% income tax for Multnomah County residents that:

Provides Funding for Schools:
-Restores funding towards a full school year for all students in Multnomah County public schools. Funds will be distributed fairly to all local school district on a per-pupil basis.
-Prevents the loss of teaching positions. Without Measure 26-48, 600 teachers would be lost in Portland Public Schools alone.
-Reduces class sizes.
-Provides a challenging and varied curriculum to prepare students for college and the workplace.

Protects Seniors and the Disabled :
-Restores prescription drug relief for medically needy seniors who cannot afford the drugs needed to stay alive.
-Restores crisis treatment and medication for poor residents with severe mental illness that poses a danger to themselves or others.
-Restores funding for Oregon Project Independence, for seniors to continue living independently, instead of being forced into nursing homes.

Restores Public Safety
-Prevents the early release of convicted prisoners.
-Re-hires Sheriff's Deputies.


Ballots have been sent out. Last Day to Vote is May 20
You can turn in your ballots at branch Libraries-no postage necessary
FOOLISHNESS 10.May.2003 08:53


If you keep tying skool funding to a renewal or increase of the police budget I will continue to oppose you. Meanwhile skools are closing. You need ta get consious to the message that people equate police state with bush. This community dosn't like bush, and they don't like cops. If you want support for anything more than home skooling you're gonna need ta separate the police budget renewal. If you REALLY want support, sponsor a bill ta get the state of oregon to withhold its "WAR TAXES" for skools and disibility programs.


Amen 10.May.2003 09:32


In reply to snapdragon:

Top Ramen
right on
hold the line
speak the truth

the cops are gloming onto the suffering of seniors to get their police state agenda passed. How many more people will be shot because the cops are out of control and well armed. Where did all that money come from to pay for all thier "non lethal" weapons and armor? Where did the money come from to send Kroeker to Israel?

Hell, they pepper sprayed seniors and children at the A22. Parasites, that's what they are.

26-48 is the only viable option at the moment 10.May.2003 09:40


Measure 26-48 is not perfect for many reasons, but it's all there is right now. I personally think that public schooling needs to be completely overhauled, but that's not about to happen. What will definitely happen without increased funding is that hundreds of teachers (rather than bureaucrats) will be shit-canned, class sizes will increase to something like 35 kids per, and all "non-essential" programs(art, gym, music, extracurricular) will be axed. It's impossible for even the best teachers to make any headway in that sort of environment. And more poorly educated citizens are not what we need to help us reach a more sane and humane future.

If 26-48 fails, I certainly do not trust the pontificating clowns in Salem to put together a solution for stable, adequate and long-term funding before next September. This three-year measure will at least provide some breathing space so that they hopefully can do so by the start of the 2006 "skool" year. This band aid is better than no aid.

and it's appropriate 10.May.2003 10:46


The state wide income tax increase, which would have helped schools, failed. Multnomah county, where it passed, was one of the few exceptions to a state wide rejection. I think it's entirely appropriate for us in Multnomah county to then say to the rest of Oregon, "Okay, you don't have to pay for our schools, we'll do it on our own."

If the rest of the state want to be idiots, let them ... that's no reason to allow them to drag us down with them. I've already voted in favor (I love vote by mail) and I urge everyone else to do so too.

class sizes 10.May.2003 11:33


Class sizes of 35 and up? At the beginning of this school year I had 40 kids in my math class and there were people sitting on buckets, on the floor, on the recycling bin, etc. Reynolds High School class sizes could be anywhere from 40-50 kids per class if this doesn't pass.

The sad part is... 10.May.2003 12:40


One day's worth of military spending could solve all the educational problems, a speck of taxes from the very wealthy, directed toards education could do the same. None of this money is going towards education. The US wants a dumbass public.

DON"T VOTE FOR COPS!!! 10.May.2003 16:37


cops kill! DON'T VOTE FOR COPS!

The only game in town 10.May.2003 17:55


This is the only game in town. If you care about frail elderly people being put out on the street, the mentally ill getting no care and people dying for lack of medications, vote YES. I don't support more money for cops and jails either, but I think it was politically necessary to include "public safety" funding to get this passed. Think about what you're doing before you automatically vote no because of your feelings. There is no room left for that. We're in an emergency situation. Do you want to leave it up to the state legislature to decide how we take care of people here in Multnomah County?

By the way, it's hard for me to take seriously the opinions of people who can't spell.

Not just poor spellers 10.May.2003 19:19


"By the way, it's hard for me to take seriously the opinions of people who can't spell."

Or those who are willing to destroy programs that will support schools and a variety of human services simply because they're obsessed with the police. I'll never understand hypocrites who can preach about the sanctity of human life while simultaneously doing their best to undermine programs that support it.

No Tax on Business 10.May.2003 19:54


Multnomah County Measure 26-48 does not tax businesses. Businesses already do not pay their fair share. Additionally, measure 26-48 funds police in their attempts to protect businesses from us (the Portland police function as a private security service for downtown merchants). I'm voting NO.

[You don't need a third-rate public education to make shoes in a Nike sweatshop. Pretty soon Nike will be able to open sweatshops in our own third world Oregon neighborhoods. If you don't like that thought, you better look beyond this measure towards the root causes of our situation. Look at things like "free" trade, globalization, corporate personhood, etc.]

I'm with Skate 10.May.2003 20:21


Let's just vote no again and put Portland further down the toilet. You're not hurting anyone but yourselves.

Business taxes, et al. 10.May.2003 23:29


Gork - Corporate taxes are just a euphemism for excise taxes or sales taxes. There is no such thing as a tax on the corporation. All taxes are eventually passed on to the consumer in the form of price increases. The only way you'd be able to tax corporations without taxing individuals is if you were to freeze product prices, which would of course quickly destroy the economy.

snapdragon - Well said! The Multnomah Country Sheriff is using scare tactics to get peopel to vote for this measure. What the fuck do I care if a murderer or rapist is released? Or two? Or Three? We are supposed to release prisoners! Life-sentences are wrong in all but the most extreme cases. If a murderer has already served 20 years, I say let the bastard out. Recidivism rates for murder are relatively low anyway. Recidivism rates for rape are certainly higher, but still. Rapists, despite the ugliness of their crimes, do not deserve >15 years in prison.

I think the police already get too much of my money. So do the prisons.

If I was presented with a bill which funded just the schools in Multnomah County, I *might* vote in favor. If the bill would fund the schools, but also include substantial overhauls (such as local administration, parent-voting for principals, right-to-fire for principals, etc, than I would definitely vote in favor. But this bill is broken.

This bill should have been split into many different bills, each setting specific tax increases to fund specific programs (schools, healthcare, elderly assistance, public safety, what have you).

well said james 11.May.2003 00:05


There is no such thing as a corporate tax. Not because of fraud or deceit -- and there's plenty of that -- but simply because that's not how the economy and the tax rolls work.

Excise tax 11.May.2003 02:18


James, let's assume that you are correct. Bring on the excise taxes. At least the the taxation would be more democratic. Right now, my taxes fund giveaways to corporations I wouldn't otherwise do business with.

bullshit 11.May.2003 14:44


JayJay you do not pay 50% of your money in taxes. For over 10 years I've asked anyone who spews this bullshit rhetoric to prove it to me. So far, no one has been able to do it. Are you the lone person in this country that pays 50% of their money in taxes. I doubt, it, but go ahead prove it. If you run the numbers you can create artificial situations that would cause someone to pay 50% of their money in taxes, but in reality no one falls into these extreme sets of circumstances (like spending several times your income of highly taxed goods like gas and alcohol). But go ahead, prove me wrong, show me that you're just just spreading right-wing rhetoric about how much you are taxed. And, to think you complained elsewhere about whining. Why is it we can kill thousands of people in other countries and have that be considered patriotic but paying taxes is somehow not? Without taxes the government would fall apart, which is fine with me so if you feel you pay too much, then just stop paying. You do realize that whatever you 50% goes to the military and maybe you're okay with that, and the next largest chunk goes to social security, and what little is left is divided among all the rest of the governments programs. So education actually sees very little of that money. I would agree that more taxes are not the answer and that fiscal responsibility is, but trying to find a fiscally responsible politians these days is like searching for the fountain of youth, many people would like to find it but it just doesn't exist.

VOTE NO! 12.May.2003 12:00

won't get fooled again

Why would you want to send the government more money to waste? Fact: we spend more money on schools in Oregon than we EVER have in our history. Fact: Oregon students have some of the highest GPA's and SAT scores in the country. Fact: Oregon has one of the most fiscally irresponsible governments in the nation.

Why would you want to give more money to a school system that is performing incredibly well on a national scale, but refuses to balance its book and be accountable for EVERY penny that we send them? Oregon schools are excellent at educating students, terrible at acting responsible with YOUR money! DO NOT allow the corrupt legislators in Salem to continue to fleece the taxpayers until they can account for the money that we are already sending them. If you send them a check for five dollars and they can only produce a receipt for 3 dollars, what kind of fool says, "that's ok, here's more money for you to squander." A moron, that's who.

VOTE NO and send a message to our so-called leaders that they will not recieve one more dime from us until they can account for the record-breaking amount of money we are already sending them. Send a message that we do not accept the current system which exploits our kid and our taxpayers. No! No more. It's time for our government to live within its means, just like we have to do.

Vote or Lose 12.May.2003 23:42

The Redcoat

Vote or lose

VOTE YES ON 26-48 13.May.2003 11:24


First, the money would be sent to county K-12 schools ( approx. 80 mil.; 51 to Portland Public Schools), county social services (approx. 16 mil.) and the SHERIFF's Dept. (approx. 15 mil). The Sherrif mostly patrols county roads picking up DWI's and cleaning up accidents. Portland Police do not get any of this money. Scecond, as part of the deal to avoid the teacher strike and closing of schools early this Spring, Portland Businesses taxed their income a surcharge of about 14 mil. Businesses will pay about 4 mil. per year from their income/payroll tax for the next 3 years. This number was arrived at once polling showed that voters were afraid to tax businesses more. And finally, this is a progressive income tax starting at about half a percent and going up to 1.25 percent. People who make more will pay more. Of course we pay more for Education, everything costs more. And if you want to check the budget, feel free. Public budgets are available for all the see.



Before I vote yes on this measure I want to see evidence that the schools themselves care. Until then, I don't care either.

This will be the first time that I dont vote since I have lived in Portland. This measure will only pass if there is enough voter turnout and I dont intend on helping it one bit. By not voting my voice is heard twice as loud.

I am willing to bet that the first time an educational leader in this state steps up and tries to fix things he or she will be canned before you hear the first sentence out of their mouth. The people in power in our states educational system do not want their jobs to be threatened and they wont let it happen. Instead, they play cover up and keep "lobbying" for more taxes.

Ever since Measure 28 I have been jaded. After they threatened us by saying it was going to release tons of prisoners, I took a snapshot of last years statistics and watched what has happened so far this year. If you browse to the Multnomah County Sheriff office (  http://www.inmatereleases.org/index.cfm ) you will find that only 350 inmates have been released this year AFTER MEASURE 28 failed. That is at a rate of 78 per month. During 2001, 1958 prisoners were released in 12 months at a rate of 163 per month.


Park Blocks Panel Discussion on June first!! 14.May.2003 13:53

OSPRIG at PSU unomoxie@earthlink.net

The Crisis of Public Schools: No Culture, No Jobs.

Panel of speakers will be briefly discussing issues surrounding the education crisis, then would discuss her ideas to solve the problem in the long term.

The OSPIRG chapter of PSU is hosting an education forum in Portland.
The purpose of the forum is to discuss the problems in public education funding and offer real long-term solutions.

There will also be discussion on the impact of the passage/failure of Measure 26-48.

The forum will consist of 7 panelists in a town hall forum style setting.
The forum will be June 1, 2003 from 3-5 PM.

Please contact Virginia or Kari at 503.725.4500 with questions/comments or for more information.
Thank You!

crisis of public schools
crisis of public schools

Plain & Simple! 17.May.2003 23:23

Lori pnkrkgrrl@yahoo.com

Look... whether or not the government already takes enough money from us or not is absolutely not the point here! Wake up, pay attention... the jack asses that WE (yes, people, this is still a democracy & we ARE the people) voted into office have failed us time & time again. Why in the wold should we expect them to get up off thier over-paid asses & do something glorious now?

THIS IS OUR PROBLEM!!! It is ALL of our problem. If you have children, if you don't; if you are elderly, if you are young; if you suffer from mental illness, or just flat out suffer.... the current state of our failed economy & failed budget DOES have a direct & lasting impact on us all! This tax increase is necessary... not just because our legislators have forgotten what they were elected to do, but also because (until someone comes up with a better way) it is only logical that taxes will rise along with the cost of everything else... exactly when was the last time taxes were really raised to offset inflation, anyway? And, c'mon... this is only a TEMPORARY increase!

I've done the math boys & girls... if you happen to fall into a tax bracket that is high enough for this increase to make a substantial dent in your income, chances are you are already making way more money than you truly need to survive anyway! You can live for 3 damn years without a few "luxuries"... I'm a full time student, my husband & I have 4 kids between us. I no longer work & he works in assisted living, which means that, not only is his salary now frozen because of these budget problems, but he will very likely have to take a pay cut if this fails! We're flat broke right now & it sucks! Despite looking for months on end I cannot even get a part time, minimum wage job because there is too much competition! But, you know what? I am more than willing to give up a portion of what little I have if it will keep my 1st grader from having to be in an even bbiiger class than hes in now (30!), where he will receive even less attention, resulting in even more learning problems (he's already slipping in math because his teacher just cannot spend enough time with each child)...

I would apologize for going on so long, but the fact is, I am never sorry for standing up for my children & fighting for what is best for them! Oh... & by the way... if you really want to think about it for a minute (for all of you who think this should not be our responsibility to fix)... WE elected these morons, WE our the voting public... our government (especially in Oregon) is founded on the idea that THEY work for US... WE tell THEM what to do! The problem isn't so much that our elected officials have failed us, it is that we have failed ourselves! We have taken for granted the fact that each & every one of us DOES have a voice in the democratic process... the only reason we seem to have lost it is because we've forgotten how to use it! So, in essence... it really IS our problem... we LET it happen & now that it's too late we're all trying to figure out who to blame!

Just vote yes.... so that our schools can at least stay in the current not-so-wonderful state it is already in for a little while longer... & then let's all get up & make damn sure things are taken care of permanently this time!

To Snapdragon 18.May.2003 11:22

future teacher

If you want to say anything about the school system at least spell "school" right.

The alternative 18.May.2003 11:47

future teacher

What I believe we should do is introduce a sales tax for the state of oregon. It's not a very popular Idea, but it would solve a lot of our problems. Think about it, the only real money we get for our schools, besides the extremely small 7% that we get from the FEDS, is from our income tax. Income tax is only paid by those who live here but when you have sales tax, it's not exclusive to those living here, it also includes everyone who buys goods from oregon, such as tourists and out of state businesses. Why do you think Oregon is having the hardest time with this issue, we are the only ones on the west coast who don't have sales tax. I know the whole idea of having sales tax makes a lot of people cringe especially since we boast about it, but there is a fine line between pride and responsibility. Increasing income tax is just delaying, if we really want to see a change in oregon we're going to have to take the bull by the horns and include a sales tax.

Mult Co Tax debacle... we are all enablers 13.Jan.2004 19:11

Concerned Citizen & State Employee sammalone73@hotmail.com

I have no doubt that my money is intended to assist people and programs in need. So stop arguing that point and stop telling people that they don't care. Our state is broke and our programs are at risk of collapsing and it's not because Oregon citizens don't pay enough taxes. We need to stop suppressing the symptoms to what is a much larger problem. Our fundamental services, programs and institutions are in desperate need of reform. I know this because I work for one of the largest employers in the state and see how our tax dollars are spent. I witness the waste and it's not slowing down. Will someone please hold our state agencies, our schools, our hospitals, police, and other non-profit agencies accountable for who they put in charge of the taxpayers buck? Can we please get some leadership in Salem to drive some state initiatives and roll through these agencies with a fine tooth comb?

I know that by streamlining services and removing the chimps from the checkbooks, we can put our state's dollars to better use. There are opportunities to consolidate our short term state objectives, streamline critical services and build efficiencies into services that are not operating optimally (or anywhere close) with our money. If spending money is necessary for this short term audit leading to long term reform, then I'm happy to donate my county tax. Please show me that my $700 this year is being spent wisely. I encourage all of you to research the operating budgets of your state agencies and when you flip your lid at the $ amount, continue to investigate precisely where your dollars are being spent. If our government agencies were private business, I'd hate to be a stockholder.

Happy April 15th