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Confession from White Male Libertarian on Disrupting Indymedia

I thought the administartors of Indymedia might like to see it. He claims to use two different IP addresses to wage his attacks on Indymedia.
Confession from White Male Libertarian on Disrupting Indymedia
old school -  seizetv@yahoo.com
Mon, 14 Jan 2002

Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002


Below (and attached) is a post from Bill White to the list National-Anarchist list in which Bill White brags about trying to disrupt Indymedia. I thought the administartors of Indymedia might like to see it. He claims to use two different IP addresses to wage his attacks on Indymedia. He regulalry posts from two that I know of. Whom am I? I'm an anti-fascist - I was monitoring the National Anarchist list when I cam across this and thought I had better check it out.

The source of the message below is:


I did a look up on his IP addresses he uses to post to National-Anarchist. Checking the attached post you get AOL.

America Online, Inc. (NETBLK-AOL-MTC)
10600 Infantry Ridge Road
Manassas, VA 20109
Netname: AOL-MTC
Netblock: -

His other regular IP address comes from the following block.

Platinum technology inc.
815 South Meyers Road
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 US

Netblock: -
Skopec, Mike
(708)620-5000 X1191 ext. 1191

I hope this is helpful. cheers
Dave Parks

From: "Bill White"  dhyphen@yahoo.com
To:  National-Anarchist@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002
Subject: Re: [National-Anarchist] American Free Press Interviews Bill White

Honestly there at least two organized groups of Bill White haters who spam Indymedia whenever my posts appear there -- both at dc indymedia and the national.

If anyone wants to go there and start commenting on articles and pissing the left-anarchists off, I would find that as hilarious as the folk i know doing it now. Often i find myself attacking myself from one IP address, defending myself from another, and then watching the dopes try to take sides and taking all my manifestations seriously.

I only do it when I'm very bored at work, of cours, though.


Advice from ChuckO re above:

"Here's a few methods that I have found to be useful:

1) Avoid personalizing any disagreements with him.
Once he has a person or organization against him, he uses that as grist for his articles. He will also use the names of groups and individuals to sow confusion and generate more conflict.

2) Ridicule. Bill White hates to be made fun of. Like any egomaniac, he wants to be taken seriously and be the center of attention.

3) Skeletons in the closet. Bill White has a graveyard and his past is documented. ..."

end of email

homepage: homepage: http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/public/imc-dc-editorial/2002-January/000912.html

Seems a bit old 10.May.2003 09:27

Mulberry Sellers

Funny, I was just thinking recently (after my regular read-all-my-favorite-IMCs binge) "Boy, it sure has been a while since that butthead Bill White turned up on DC-IMC. I wonder what happened to him?"

Unless ol' Kaiser Bill is one of the people who jump into the flame wars that pop up whenever some hatefreak posts an inflammatory "anti-whatever ethnic group that I don't like" article, he hasn't been seen for some months.

Perhaps he's busy trying to figure out what new political-loony flag he could fly to try to get his pathetic little dick wet.

Poor Indymedia, beseiged on all sides 10.May.2003 10:32


Poor Indymedia, besieged on all sides. First the conservatives expressing dissent and now the Libertarians. Perhaps the liberals are next.

It's hard to be revolutionary and appeal to the masses.

uh, yeah 10.May.2003 15:29


I'm certainly shaking in my boots because this guy has too much free time.

What the hell is a National-Anarchist? Anyone know?

That's Fine 12.May.2003 18:24


I don't particularly care if the conservatives or libertarians, or liberal, for that matter, dump on IMC. None of those groups have much to offer as far as viable solutions to problems facing the majority of people in this country.