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Code Pink Targets Clear Channel

Code Pink takes action against media consolidation and censorship.
On Thursday, May 8th Code Pink instigated a blitz appearance in front of the Clear Channel offices on Macadam Ave. The Code Pink banner and line of pink-clad protestors caught the attention of the rush-hour commuters as well as the staff of Clear Channel. Curious staff came outside to find out what was going on. They hadn't a clue why Clear Channel was as the focus of this event! The women politely explained. "We are here because the media consolidation that is going on (and about to increase) is of great concern to us. More media outlets in fewer and fewer hands does not bode well for a democracy. Clear Channel already owns over 1600 radio stations. The expression of diverse opinions and the addressing of community needs and concerns are forfeited under conditions of mass media consolidation. Since 9/11 Clear Channel has censored the music played over the air as well as complied with the government propaganda and the stifling of news on current events." The Clear Channel spokesman denied this. "No one tells us what to air. We take no directions from anyone." The Code Pinkers have reason to be skeptical about this position. As part of their protest they were ready with boom boxes (and their voices) to play songs "banned" by Clear Channel during the invasion of Iraq, such as Lennon's "Imagine". The goals of Code Pink in any and all of its actions are to raise public awareness, to bear witness, and to take a visible stand against unjust and illegal actions of the government. The women are well aware that on June 2nd the FCC and the Congress will be forging the future of mass media in the US. Up for consideration is the issue of "de-regulating" the media enabling large media conglomerates to buy up even more. Local ownership restrictions will be removed. This applies to radio and tv stations, newspapers, magazines, internet media, and the entertainment media. That is why the Code Pink action at Clear Channel is both timely and urgent. "The Congress is just hearing from the media lobbyists. We hope, as an outcome of our protest at Clear Channel, that the public voice will be heard. We do urge active political involvement. We hope people will let their Congress persons know their opinions on media de-regulation."

homepage: homepage: http://codepinkportland.org

Looking for Clarification 09.May.2003 11:49

No one important

It has been my understanding that de-regulation happened back in the 90's. This is what allowed coporations to own an unlimited amount of am and fm stations within a given market. What is new about the de-regulation hearings mentioned above?


De reg 09.May.2003 12:23


This is FURTHER deregulation that is up for debate. It will create even more media monopolies if it gets approved. The FCC hearing is June 2nd. See www.mediareform.net for details. Also  http://moveon.org/ This is a crucial issue for democracy.

Did you know that the FCC chairman, Michael Powell, is Colin Powell's son?

More Deregulation 09.May.2003 12:25


Colon Powell's son is the current head of the FCC. He has decided that the current level of media regulation is too restrictive for the half dozen media organizations that own and control the vast majority of newspapers, television, and radio stations. He is seeking to eliminate even more ownership restrictions as of early June. He wanted to do this without any public comment, but was unsuccessful. He now chooses to simply ignore the comment process.

Bill Moyers recently did an excellent piece on this issue on his program 'NOW'. Check the website for transcripts.

You guys rock! 09.May.2003 13:19


Clear Channel is the conduit of evil. Thanks code pink, for pointing this out to all. I wasn't taking you all seriously at first, but you've earned my respect.

specifically. 09.May.2003 14:04

this thing here

>It has been my understanding that de-regulation happened back in the 90's. This is what allowed coporations to own an unlimited amount of am and fm stations within a given market. What is new about the de-regulation hearings mentioned above?<

yes, that's correct. but what is being proposed here by chairman powell is to take what happened to radio alone and apply it to t.v. AND radio AND newspapers AND the internet. so potentially, ONE corporation could own ALL the t.v. outlets, all the radio stations, AND all the newspapers within a given market. and that's called Control if there ever was any...

Gulf I era bumper sticker 09.May.2003 15:59


Actually Pink! This is a copy of a 12-year old bumper sticker copied on pink paper.
Bush I sticker
Bush I sticker

bOYCOTT 09.May.2003 18:15



What does Clear Channel own? 20.May.2003 12:00

Winston Smith artie_deco@lycos.com

Could someone list the media outlets in Portland that are owned by Clear Channel, or post a link with this information? I want to know who to boycott. Thanks.

For a Clear Channel stations 15.Feb.2004 14:00

go to Clear Channel's own website

You can type in the name of your city (wherever in the country) and get a list of who Clear Channel owns. Plus, it's helpful to look at their site and see how huge they are!!!
Currently, the list of Clear Channel stations in the Portland area includes KKRZ (Z100), and the River (I forget the call letters), two news/talk stations (5in all) and in Corvallis, Eugene and Albany, nine more stations.