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Madonna thanks France for opposition to Iraq war

Madonna has thanked France for its opposition to the Iraqi war, during a private performance for 200 guests of a radio station in Paris.
Dressed in a low-cut black top and black glittery trousers, she performed the title track to her album, American Life.

The exclusive event, held at the city's Nobel restaurant, lasted 40 minutes.

But for those not invited to the venue, the concert was broadcast by the radio station live over the internet and to nine European countries.

As she thanked the French for opposing conflict in Iraq, she told fans: "Here in France I feel at home."

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That's a good picture. 09.May.2003 01:34


But I do not know what to make of it.
I guess it would be what you would call a mixed Metaphor.
Maybe whoever had posted this could explain it to me.
Yes, the French are good people.
And I want to thank them too, bye God.

the pic 09.May.2003 01:55


glad you like it - it's merely meant to be absurd
of course whats most important is how people react

Good for her 09.May.2003 06:20


Glad someone isn't afraid to say it. Course it must be easier when you have a little money backing you up.

Another reason 09.May.2003 07:45


"Glad someone isn't afraid to say it. Course it must be easier when you have a little money backing you up."

To say nothing of a recently released CD that is bombing on the charts. Having tried and failed to ameliorate negative reaction by withdrawing her video, why not try the opposite tack. Madonna is nothing if not shrewd. She didn't get all that money from raw talent ... she knows how to play the game.

nice . . . . 09.May.2003 07:54


No, not Madonna . . . who cares?

What I appreciate is the subtlty of the photoshopped image. It's always seemed a little ironic to me, this adulation by white liberal/pseudo radicals of a man who, his priveledged background notwithstanding, rose from the ashes of a grass-roots movement of liberation to become summary executioner to his political foes. We ought to be a little more discerning when invoking cults of personality in the name of Liberation.

Well, that's enough from the podium. Nice work, whoever you are.

This story no longer exists 09.May.2003 08:10


"This story no longer exists"

Story filed: 16:27 Thursday 8th May 2003

When I did a search on "Madonna in France" this prompt came up:

Ananova found no stories matching your query. Please try again entering different search terms.
Ananova found no items matching your query.

hmmm, political?

story still exists 09.May.2003 09:34


Google still finds the story.

NEWS FLASH: Madonna blasts Kevin Costner for calling her show merely *neat* 09.May.2003 10:55

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Madonna then plays truth or dare with her dancers to steal more gay culture tidbits from them, later to be processed into pop culture fodder.

Gee, her opinions matter so much 11.May.2003 15:52


This is roughly akin to saying that Marilyn Chambers doesn't like the President. So what?

She is 11.May.2003 21:22


She is an irritating opportunist.