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Repulicans, the party of inclusion, want to party

June 12th-15th Republicans invite you and your family for fun and games with the planet's resources and people. Come join them, bring family and friends!!
Western States Republican Leadership Conference

The 2003 Western States Republican Leadership Conference will be held from June 12th through 15th in Portland, Oregon. This prestigious event, which is held exclusively for active Republicans in the 15 states in the Western region, has become one of the most meaningful, dynamic and fun filled Republican events to meet our party leaders and discuss the issues that are of concern to our Party and our candidates.

The four-day conference will offer attendees the opportunity to hear and meet with a wide array of top Republican leaders, elected officials, and national strategists. Special guests to be invited to this event will include President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney, cabinet officers, Republican Governors, Senators and Congressmen.

Space will be limited, and available on a first come, first served basis once the official registration forms have been mailed. So make plans today to attend!

For more information, go to www.wsrlc.org.


Jack Oliver,
Deputy Chairman
Republican National Committee
protests? 08.May.2003 22:38

can be anonymous or made up

Assuming this doesn't end up in the compost bin before someone else sees it;
anyone know of any protests being planned for this little visit?

well, 08.May.2003 23:11


I certainly plan to protest, but maybe everybody thinking the same thing should get together to work out something coordinated.

Has anyone verified this 100%? Probably we won't see both Bush and Cheney in attendance, but even if neither of them shows it would be a good opportunity to show the people who raise money for them exactly what we think of them.

don't you dare 09.May.2003 00:23

republican (not really)

Don't you dare infiltrate the conference and f*** things up! Don't you dare spoil our party.

Actually, I'd suggest doing it, but not if it gives the Republicans $250.

Protect your kids, 09.May.2003 00:52


Be sure to protect your kids from the protestors on your way to the event though. I saw first hand how the left reacts to people who don't agree with them. During the war, protestors showed that don't mind using violence to acheive their goals.

Protest the "prayer breakfast" 09.May.2003 10:27


I'm offended that the Republicans are planning a "prayer breakfast" on the Sunday morning of the conference. Those prayers are meant to be spoken reverently to their White Republican God! DON'T EAT THE PRAYERS FOR BREAKFAST!

But seriously, what is a prayer breakfast, anyway? I suspect that this is one of those occasions where silly white people get together on a Sunday morning and justify skipping a church service by giving their breakfast a holy-sounding name. And why do they need to justify skipping church? Because they're afraid of their vengeful God. Poor saps.

You'd think that if God was on their side in the first place, He would have found them a better web designer.

prayer breakfast 10.May.2003 00:23


Kitchen staff has already hatched a plan involving but not limited to defecating in the pancake mix. Pray you don't get the peanut waffle.

in the mix or in the batter? 11.May.2003 00:01

probably not attending prayer breakfast

If you defecate in the mix (dry) it will just sit there like in a catbox. If you do it in the batter on the other hand, it can quickly be mixed in thereby merely darkening the batter slightly.

That sounds familiar. 11.May.2003 18:27


Jesse Jackson used to spit in white peoples' salads. Gee, what a class act. Ralph Nader ought to hope that nobody flicks a booger on his burrito.