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Town Official Indicted for Bumping Protesters with SUV

A Lincoln County grand jury has indicted a town selectman in Damariscotta for bumping two protesters with his S.U.V. during a peace demonstration in March.
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The Lincoln County grand jury handed up the indictment against Walter Hilton yesterday, charging him with two counts of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault. Hilton claims the demonstrators deliberately got in front of his vehicle, and that he did not intend to hit them.

Interesting 09.May.2003 06:01


I'd be curious to know more about the situation. Is it like here in Portland where we had misguide or rather stupid people blocking traffic. Creating a situation in which to get through you'd have to use your vehicle to push someone out of the way?

yeah, like you have no choice 09.May.2003 10:36


i'm sorry officer, i had to hit those people with my car. oh, that's ok sir. you're more important because you're encased by steel and plastic.