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red and black cafe needs curtains!

theater-style curtains needed
help the cafe in its quest to become a viable space for all-ages shows. we need help finding and installing thick theater-style curtains in the front and side windows. these curtains would be hung or closed during shows to provide a sound buffer.
any help would be much appreciated. the cafe has little to no cash right now, the collective members are working their asses off, and the booking people are volunteers. please help support this valuable community resource!
email us at  redandblackbooking@yahoo.com, reply here, or just stop by. thanks.
And, might I add...! 08.May.2003 18:50


They need a couple 'o new sofas, too.

Send c/o
Bony-Butt Guy
Red&Black Cafe
Portland, OR

The rug is nice, though 08.May.2003 20:55


I'll troll (no pun intended) around for curtains, but I have to say that the oriental rug is a nice touch.

Is it possible get ahold of some fabric and make the curtains? I might be able to find someone who can sew them up.

ready to help.... 08.May.2003 22:45

notmartha iambreakingnews@riseup.net

If someone gets the fabric to make curtains, i'd be more than willing to help get them sewed up. Just give me an e-mail if you need my help.

thanks! 09.May.2003 02:32

anonymous red&black employee

i just want to say: many thanks for offering help (i leave follow-up to the author(s) of the plea for curtains, as i'm usually working my ass off behind the counter and elsewhere. i can help with the installlation).

Does the Cafe 09.May.2003 09:35


If the cafe a non-profit?

I'm certainly not going to help out a for profit clubhouse

The Red and Black 09.May.2003 13:23


It is a worker owned community minded co-operative and deserves our support