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wmd at last

Well, the Umatilla names have finally been filed off and the wmds are now in Iraq.
Finally the WMDs have been found.....probably. Possibly? Hmmmmm..... Just read about it on Google news.
Heard this one before 08.May.2003 10:29


Not a day goes by without a front-page announcement of the discovery of WMDs that is retracted, on page B18, the next morning.

An empty trailer 08.May.2003 10:59

Leroy Brown

Oh, come on. Now you are really over the top.

trailer 08.May.2003 12:21

king friday

Notice it's a portable trailer and not a building, also of course US refuses international inspectors, maybe they don't want anyone to see them pulling around the trailer looking for a spot to "find" it.

once again 08.May.2003 12:59


For those that haven't already seen this story posted lower on the newswire, this trailer was found in Northern Iraq which has been under the control of the US for the past 12 years. There is no way Hussein could have had any weapons development cpaability in these areas... At least not without US knowledge and complicity.

It's the headline that counts 08.May.2003 13:20

Seville seville11@yahoo.com

It's not the find but the headline and sound bites that count in today's world.

As long as the corporate media keeps blaring to the masses that WMDs have been found then the people will wave their flags behind their valiant president for protecting them from the evildoers. Retractions are just sour grapes of the pussy liberals who blame America first.

Real WMDs need not be found.