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'84 Regress at Infinite Matrix

A link to my short story about how the year 1984 never ended. (I'm proud of this one. It's over at Eileen Gunn's e-zine "the Infinite Matrix."

"Life in the eighties isn't all bad. Television, for instance, is better than you might remember it being; there are fewer stations, fewer commercials, and everything is slower, slowed down. There aren't ATMs or FAX machines; there aren't any e-mail messages.

Driving on the interstate, counting the yellow dashes that zoom by, it all makes sense. The last sixteen years were just a series of bizarre nightmares, everything was just as unreal as it felt, and the year 1984 never ended.

Let me repeat:

The year 1984 never ended.

It's my own unified field theory. Generation X, the Clinton presidency, Jay Leno, my relationships with women -- all of it makes sense now. "

Read the rest here:

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