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Seeking rebelerotica!

Looking for *REBELEROTICA* : spoken word, writing, and visual art for an event on May 27th- work that describes, or shows, in sensous detail, how sexy liberation can be- and how powerful the physical lightning can become when you reach past all oppressions!

The knowledge in my head is only in my head. The knowledge in my body
rings through my being like a tone.
Steady as the percolator-drip at the Red and Black is talk of why it
doesn't have to be the way it is. Over cups of coffee collectively brewed
and profited from, through the internet they provide, and sunk into their
soft and comfy couches, people gather, and plot the death-rattle of all
That is why I thank the Red and Black.

I also thank the forests, those great breathing organisms held to life
by trees. They give me wildness, awe, air, and water. I've breathed in
their earthy tang. I have drunk the water from urban taps that comes
filtered through their roots, and felt the difference in my body, among
them, as I come alive.
I have made love on the moss beneath their shade. For this, I thank
and sing the praises of the body, that part that gives and receives, that, in
those moments, gave me the strength to attempt the impossible, and watch
it be real.

These three organic gathering-places have supported my strength to
rebel- against injustice, and against the supression of voices, in the woods or
on the streets. These are the places that help me come alive in the
service of life.

In support of, and celebration of, these places, I seek writers and
poets who care more about justice than about law, more about love than about
remaining in their roles, to help me raise money for the Red and Black
Cafe and for Cascadia Summer. What I'm looking for are pieces that link a
celebration of rebellion against injustice with a celebration of the
body - in other words, rebelerotica - to be read out loud at the Red and Black on
Tuesday, May 27th, at 7:30 pm.

Why rebelerotica?
Because revolution is about coming alive. I dream of people coming
together for this event, to raise money for two good causes, while
reminding people as viscerally as it is possible to do in print of the beauty that
they fight for.
If this event is a success, I'd be interested in repeating it for
other groups' sakes- because ecstatic unions made against injustice are a cause
in themselves! Lets explore the sexiest, the most creative ways, that these
can be done!

Thank you.
Serena  rebelerotica@hotmail.com

About the organizations to benefit:

The Red and Black Cafe
A meeting space, performance venue, cafe, and coffee shop, collectively
owned and run. Organicness, radicalness, big soft couches, and social

Cascadia Summer
The Cascadia Summer campaign is made-up of a diverse group of local
conservationists fighting to protect forests, streams, and wildlife. We
recognize and value strength in diversity of tactics. During Cascadia
Summer, activists will be engaging in a wide-range of tactics from civil
disobedience, tree-sits, public outreach in urban and rural areas,
lawsuits, political pressure, and popular education. Trainings in direct action,
non-violence, blockading, legal issues, and much much more will be
Where are you coming from? 08.May.2003 07:18

concerned tree hugger

Too many prediators are climbing the trees in pursuit of sexual conquest, not to save the trees. This is near a epidemic. Nothing wrong with loving the forest, and experiencing the connection with nature by being present with old growth. Some men are using the loose knit secrecy of the climbers networks as a screen to snare thier victims. These men need to be identified and cast-out. They take advantage of the victims while doing extended tree sits. Beware the swan song. Lets get the twisted bastards out of the trees.

Green Grrls 08.May.2003 09:49


Green Grrls are easy!

Sex sells 08.May.2003 14:24


It was Abbie Hoffman, the yippie and revolutionary who said that the revolution that wins will be the revolution that is the most fun. A friend of mine once said, "Most guys in trees get lucky."

we arent all creeps 08.May.2003 14:38


take your time. time will give you wisdom.

take your 'fun' and shove it your arse.

profit?!?!?!?! 08.May.2003 18:42


Serena says: "Over cups of coffee collectively brewed and profited from..."

We turned a profit?!?!?!?! Hell, I learn all sorts of stuff on Indymedia!

Red and Black Cafe

PS: Thanks for all the sweet things said about us. But, no, Red and Black is not making a profit.

Rape in Forest Defense Community 08.May.2003 19:06

B. Plains

This is no joke. This is real and needs to be taken seriously.

Several women have been attacked in the forest defense community. As someone
that dedicates every waking moment of my life to forest defense it is hard for me to admit. It is embarrassing, and is a failure on my part as their comrades and as a man.

Sexual assault is probably no more prevalent in our culture than it is in popular culture. Which simply means that we are continuing the bad habits this destructive society perpetuates. Forest defense is useless unless we are challenging the social structures which encourage destructions of forests. Patriarchy, Sexism, Racism, and any other social philosophy that disempowers one to empower others is incompatible with forest defense.

If you plan on coming to the woods to get "lucky"....stay home. We don't want you.
If you come to the woods because you understand the need to protect the last
of what is wild and free they your hard work and dedication will be respected and
admired. In addition, be aware, that if you come to the woods with this attitude we WILL recognize you and you WILL be confronted. Revolution can be fun, but it has to be fun for everyone.

PLEASE SPEAK UP!! If you feel like someone isn't respecting your boundaries and
you feel he (or sometimes she) may be a danger let someone know.



Sensuality Does Not Invite Rape! 08.May.2003 20:31


Sensuality and our celebration of our bodies does not invite rape!!! It almost sounds as though you are implying that if a woman "where's her skirt too short" she's inviting trouble. Our sensuality is a very special thing, let's not let a few sicko rapists take that from us. Sensuality is not a dirty or shameful thing! Rebel Erotica is about celebrating our sensuality and rebelion against injustice. I am a victim of sexual assualt. Almost immediately the first thing that is stolen from you is your right to celebrate your sensuality and your body. On this night we are TAKING IT BACK!!! NO MORE SHAME!!
(rapists not welcome)

the revolution will be advertised (and sold) in msn 09.May.2003 02:52

geek admirer

celebrate sensuality. sounds great (really. i'm not being sarcastic. who doesn't like sex? besides the chrisitian right, i mean). but you would be a better, and more convincing rebel, serena, if you weren't on hotmail. if you type "free email services" into google, or any search engine, you will come up with lists of free (and sometimes spam- and ad- free) email services. i suggest fastmail.fm. stop supporting hotmail advertisers! (and have a good show at the r&b)

Oh jesus christ, geek admirer 09.May.2003 09:26

the cannon

Please don't judge people on their e-mail server. It just always seems so petty.
And yeah, sensual revolutionary poetry sounds cool, I guess.

Got the itch in your loins? 09.May.2003 15:59

Horny Druid

Do what I do.....fuck moss.