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Call to Action: International Day of Action for Justice in Palestine June 5, 2003

Call to Action: International Day of Action for Justice in Palestine June 5, 2003
On June 5, 2003, the thirty-sixth anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, we call for linked actions by Palestinian, international, and Israeli peace groups to protest the escalating violence against the Palestinian community and international human rights workers in the occupied territories. We demand protection for Palestinian civilians and for internationals, a moratorium on construction of the apartheid wall and its associated land confiscations and home demolitions, and an end to the occupation...

Palestine Solidarity Global Campaign


The U.S-U.K led attack on Iraq has completely overshadowed the daily oppression of Palestinians struggling to survive under the brutal Israeli occupation, which has deprived them of the basic human rights since 1967. Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip violates international law and numerous UN Security Council resolutions. In the Spring of 2001, after the United Nations refused to act on the recommendation of Mary Robinson, then its High Commissioner of Human Rights to send international observers to the Occupied Territories, a group of international activists joined Palestinians to establish the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Since then hundreds of volunteers from around the world traveled to Palestine to document human rights violations, accompany relief workers, prevent house demolitions and the uprooting of trees and perform other tasks necessary for the survival of Palestinian communities across the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The targeting of three ISM activists who were engaged in nonviolent direct action in the past three weeks marks a dramatic escalation in a situation that was already desperate. Furthermore, the corporate-owned media has for the most part ignored the killing of Rachel Corrie and the shootings of Brian Avery and Tom Hurndall (who was left brain-dead).

We must utilize the strength of the global peace and justice movement, which took to the streets to try and prevent an attack on Iraq to end the Israeli occupation and act in solidarity with the Palestinian people!

We must act now to ensure the official international observers are sent to the Occupied Territories!

We must hold the Israeli government accountable for the targeting and killing of ISM volunteers!

Below is an outline of a global campaign in solidarity with the people of Palestine and the International Solidarity Movement. This campaign originated at the grassroots in Olympia, Washington (USA), Rachel Corrie's community.

Call to Action: International Day of Action for Justice in Israel June 6, 2003 08.May.2003 17:44

mike h

Guess we can also protest the thousands of Israeli's murdered by Suicide bombers from Palestine, under direct authority of Yassir Arafat.

It is KNOWN FACT that he has given authority to send suicide bombers over to kill innocent civilians for years, yet you dont seem to be concerned about that?

Can you say HYPOCRITE !

Rachel Corrie, died because she was trying to prevent a palestinian home (that has been tried in a court of law), for harboring, and aiding in the transport of high explosives for use in Suicide bombings.

I think Ms Corrie may have been protesting on the wrong side that particular day.

Too bad an innocent american life was lost, due to the fact that she ignored what palestinian suicide bombers were doing just down the street.