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OPB: Corparate Whore or Public Sponsored... which will it be?
Everyday I watch several programs on OPB but I was wondering if someone could clarify some things about OPB for me? First of all, how can it still be called "public" when a large portion of their funding comes from corporate sponsors such as Kellogg's and ADM? Every thirty minutes at the top and the bottom of the hour they have at least 5 minutes and sometimes upwards of 10 minutes of, for lack of a better word, advertisements. These consist of local and national companies and interests and in my mind it's gotten to the point where it isn't much different than regular TV, just presented in a different format.

Also, how could one expect OPB to do an unbiased news show about say for instance GMO corn when they get this money from Kellogg's and ADM? It seems to me they want their cake and eat it too. Now they have "begathons" that go on for days and days and it seems like the begging is going to become a permanent part of the programming so I'm thinking that they need to make a decision and choose to be only listener sponsored or corporate sponsored. Otherwise, they can't have it both ways and produce subjective shows that have any basis in truth. BTW, I had previously donated to OPB but after I started seeing all these ads I stopped because I already buy most of these products.
how much did you donate to OPB this last pledge drive? 09.May.2003 17:48

gross nargmage@yahoo.com

OPB obviously can't survive on listener donations only, and continue to provide all the programming. Unless we can convince everyone you know who listens to OPB to donate as much money as you donate (hopefully at least the basic membership level 30 bucks), they'll have to keep taking corperate sponsers. Switching to a 100% member sponsored budget, though it would to some degree ensure the integrity of the programs, would kill half the shows. To switch to 100% corperate sponsorship would compromise the entire point of the station.

also, most of the programs are bought from NPR, and their contents are not influenced by OPB at all, so OPB's sponsors could hardly effect them unless they started donating to those individual programs themselves. No, corperate sponsorship can only effect the choices of programs OPB makes, not the contents of those shows.

OPB fills an important nich in the radio. its not perfect, true, but I don't believe its in anyone's pocket.

propaganda 09.May.2003 20:39

king friday

opb is nothing but a propaganda matrix. Give your money to kboo instead, they're already doing what opb should have. Screw them, they are irrelevant in the drive to disseminate reasonable information.

addenda to above 09.May.2003 20:40