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Portland's Minibikesummer, June 13th-29th - Call for installations and active arts

"h a p p e n u p o n" - Imagine a bicycle tour of Portland at night where participants happen upon amazing works of street art, a lone figure on the corner reciting spoken word, lilting sounds of music from atop a hill, or large images projected on the side of a brick building. Shrines in the bushes. Paintings propped
up along parked cars. A film loop projected onto a billboard.
We need your works of art for this wonderful free ride of happen upons on June 19th from 8-10pm. Participants will not know the route or the
destinations. If you would like to install, recite, project, perform, or hang in the N/NE area, please get in touch with Ayleen:  Ayleen@Riseup.net, 503-284-4023.

This event is organized for Portland's Minibikesummer, June 13th-29th. For more info, see  http://www.ShiftToBikes.org.

[  http://www.yeabikes.net |  http://www.YeaBikes.net/happen]