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"Top Republican Leaders" are coming to town...

The Western States Republican Leadership Conference (see if you can get $250 to "mingle" with the other Republicans!) will be held at Jantzen Beach Doubletree Hotel from June 12-15. "Special guests" include the a sociopathic "president" and his trophy wife, a vile man who has had 5 "minor" heart attacks and his terrifyingly pro-censorship wife, as well as all sorts of other rich white people and a few token minorities.
The Western States Republican Leadership Conference website is at  http://www.wsrlc.org

The registration fee, presumably for all of the days, is $250. That outragous fee certainly represents the policy of inclusion that the Republican Party follows. Of course, I'm sure the last thing the Republicans would want is dozens of people to show up and heckle their greedy policies and cause disruptions as they scheme to "win the west in 2004", so DO NOT DO THAT.

From 6pm - 8pm on Friday, June 13th there will apparently be a "Reception in Downtown Portland", presumably where their special guests will show up, so once more details are confirmed regarding that location and the attendees, you might feel free to head down there and shout encouraging words to Mr. Bush and his cronies regarding his destruction of the environment, slaughter of innocent people, redistribution of money from poor folks to rich folks and whatever else they do that you take joy in.

homepage: homepage: http://www.wsrlc.org

Well. 07.May.2003 09:38


Let's all go out to meet them.

$250? 07.May.2003 10:06


They'll be serving gourmet pretzels all week.

Clever... 07.May.2003 10:22


Has anyone actually looked at the website? Definitely a joke. Besides, since when are Bush and Cheney ever even in the same room together, let alone in Oregon together?

Good Point 07.May.2003 10:46

Jack Straw

I honestly have to agree with * that it is highly unlikely that they will have both G.W. and Cheney at the same location. However, I'll look into this story and if there is in fact going to be a republican convention, lets not pay the $250, but lets hang out outside (can anyone say A22?). Just hanging out, maybe some use of the 1st amendment, but nothing more, we can't be breaking laws (theres my disclaimer).

i don't think it's a joke 07.May.2003 10:49

careful reader

if it's a joke, "Clever"-troll, then it's a long running inside joke.

here's the domain name registration for the site:

SC Networking
PO Box 1109
Molalla, Oregon 97038

Domain Name: WSRLC.ORG

Administrative Contact:
Kimberly Tacheny  kim@scnetworking.net
SC Networking
PO Box 1109
Molalla, Oregon 97038
Phone: 503-753-4823
Fax: 555-555-5555
Technical Contact:
Kimberly Tacheny  kim@scnetworking.net
SC Networking
PO Box 1109
Molalla, Oregon 97038
Phone: 503-319-6478
Fax: 555-555-5555

Record updated on 2003-03-26 18:40:05
Record created on 2003-03-26
Record expires on 2004-03-26
Database last updated on 2003-05-07 13:38:20 EST


So, the wsrlc.org domain name was registered for the Western States Republicans by SC Networking, which is a web design/hosting service based in Molalla. SCN seems to like Republicans, that's for sure. Clipped from their website, here are some other sites they've done:

Our Portfolio

Political Sites:
Kevin Mannix for Governor 2002
Saxton For Governor - Primary 2002 - AWARD WINNING!!!
Linda Flores for State Representative
Keith Parker for State Representative
Bob Montgomery for State Senate
Charles Starr for State Senate
Bob Tiernan for State Senate
Oregon Federation of Republican Women
Oregon Republican Party
East Clackamas County of Republican Women

Soon to come:
Dorchester Conference

Past Clients:
Saxton for Governor - 1st website
Dawn Phillips for State Representative
George Abbott for Clackamas County Commissioner

sorry 07.May.2003 10:56


Actually, it is and has always been policy for the president and vice to never be in the same place [not that either are really what their title says]. Possible that small part of the post is wrong. Or maybe it's pdx pigs missing their fun of beating the crap out of citizens so they cook something up.

"Special guests to be invited" 07.May.2003 11:11

Seville Seville11@yahoo.com

Closer reading of the WSRLC home age doesn't give the name of any politico who has agreed to attend, only the names of a few "Special guests to be invited." I suppose we'll have to wait until closer to the event to see who is actually going to attend.

This is FOR REAL 07.May.2003 11:12

orgop mole

Clever - This actually is not a joke website. This is actually for real. There is a link to this site from the homepage of the Oregon & Washignton Republican Parties and the www.wsrlc.org website is registered by the same company that hosts and designs the Oregon Republican Party website - SC Design.

Oregon State Republican Party http://www.wsrp.org/calendar.htm

-orgop mole

(R) vs. (D), what's the difference...? 07.May.2003 11:19


Did you see last week's Dream Team debate between the top, hmmm, 10 Democratic Presidential hopefuls, featuring Al Sharpton as the "token minority"? (D)'s to my left, (R)'s to my right, another election. Fuck, here weeeeeee go again......................................................

Convince me... 07.May.2003 12:56


Coincidence that the person who posted this is "Tammy" as is the contact person listed on the site? (Scroll down to the bottom). Or maybe I'm just overly suspicious.

Different days 07.May.2003 15:04


The conference spans a few days. Bush and Cheney could show up on different days. I'm surprised they would bring their wives though. I'm surprised they would come to Portland actually. I'm sure we're on Bush's hate list. He's probably wondering, "Why can't I kill a whole city? I'd really like to get rid of that place."

I'm not REALLY Tammy 07.May.2003 15:27


* - You're overly suspicious. I posted this originally, and I'm not really Tammy, nor do I even know what position Tammy holds in the Oregon Republican Party. Presumably a press lackey. It just seemed like what should go in "author of comment".

It's a real conference, though. I don't know if Bush'll really show up, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

get real 08.May.2003 01:20


Its interresting that all of the verification email links given lead pretty much nowhere

The word "invited" means nothing 08.May.2003 10:06


Back in college, my roommates and I staged a Bill Murray Movie Night party (I can't believe I'm admitting this). To hype the event, we sent a letter to whatever movie studio produced "Caddyshack," inviting Bill himself to our party. With that done, we were able to tell our friends that Bill Murray was one of the honored invitees. That's the same ridiculous tack that this so-called Republican "leadership" conference is taking...make it sound important by attaching a big name to it.

Bill never showed up, by the way, but the party was so good that we were all passed out before we had to watch "The Razor's Edge."

grow up 15.Sep.2003 14:53


Why don't you all grow up and realize that the republican party is not about greed -- it is about believing that people need to take personal responsibility for their actions and their lives, and not expect the government or anyone else to hold their hands and hand them money to fix all of their problems. Socialism is a very dangerous thing.

crap 25.Nov.2003 15:22


What a load of crap!!!!!