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Summer Fun

Just hoping to get some like-minded people together for some summer fun......peace
Well as summer quickly approaches I find myself looking to be more active. Therefore, I am searching for some like-minded people to get together maybe once a month (or more) for BBQ, Drinking, Baseball, or whatever summer fun we may think of. So If you seem interested in getting together, having some fun ect. then contact me at my email addy and we can see what we can do.....Peace

Oh by the way I am single ladies (LOL)

Great Idea! 07.May.2003 21:36


I'm surprise there are no bites yet. I like your ideas, especially the beer and BBQ. My legs are not as limber as they used to be for baseball. Music would be nice too.

i'm surprised too. 08.May.2003 22:26


I'm surprised as well that there haven't been more responses to this.... i think, especially after the war and all, everyone could use a vacation, have some fun. Maybe the barbecue thing is turning the vegans off.... you could suggest a vegan barbacue. Maybe it would be cool to have it in a public park... let the people know we do more than protest! i think this sort of fun thing would be a good way for activists to meet up in a relaxed atmosphere.

P.S. gentleman, i'm single too. :)