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Sexual Violence Support and ACTION Network

Call to form a Sexual Violence Support and ACTION network of women
This is a call to form a sexual violence suuport and ACTION network of women in Portland. This network of women would come up with constructive ways to deal and take ACTION against sexual violence within our community. Not only would we support survivors, but we would also make demands of the men we work with in the activist community.
Some ideas so far:
*to set up a hotline
*be public about men who have hurt women
*be a strong presence at places where women repeatedly feel uncomfortable(such as shows)
*give women more tools to be vocal
*support women in whatever way they ask
*work with men on radical ACTION they can take to help us stop the repetition of sexism and sexual violence.

There will be a meeting for any women who wish to be involved on Thursday
May 8 at 7p.m. at 5115 NE 24th(1/2 block off Alberta)
Any questions/concerns/criticisms can be sent to:  startswinging@yahoo.com
completely supportive 07.May.2003 02:02

just another activist

i am completely supportive of this, and would just like to add a couple more items for discussion:

* move beyond the binary male/female view of this and include sexual violence and sexism of one person against another, whether the perpetrator is male, female or other, and likewise for the victim
* create group sessions where consciousness about these issues can be raised in a supportive and empowering way, that doesn't point fingers or increase victim mentality. supporting the victims of sexual violence is very important, but can only go so far because it is by its nature re-active. in addition, focus energy on being pro-active so we can all help ourselves unlearn the deep programming that engenders the action in the first place.

pic for feature 07.May.2003 09:50

pdx indy graphics drone #6082

i've always loved this photo. here's a great chance to use it.

I don't wanna support Sexual Violence 07.May.2003 11:15


Unless this is a kinky group, that may not have been the best phrasing possible. *smile*

Womyn only? 07.May.2003 18:53


So sexual violence against men is okay? Come on, folks! One more step if you want to be revolutionaries!

RE: womyn only? 07.May.2003 21:19


i know it may seem unfair etc etc, but part of the reason for excluding men (not to be gender-binary, but --) is that with the issue of sexual violence its pretty tough often-times for women to talk about this shit or feel safe at all with men in the room, because men are most often the perpetrator and women are most often the victim of sexual violence. its sucks, its not personal, but its really fucking true. if youre male and want to be supportive im sure theres a whole bunch of things that can be done aside form attending the primary meeting - but for now please respect the fact that this is a tender issue and actually being present at the meeting is probably not the most constructive way to get involved.