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"A Poetics of Peace" this Friday

An free evening of poems, stories and song with an amazing storyteller, Michael Meade.
with storyteller and mythologist Michael Meade and special guests...
Friday, May 9th, 2003 ~ 7:00 pm
First Congregational Church ~ 1126 SW Park Ave, Portland OR
For further information: 206-935-3665 ~ 800-233-6984

Special guests to be announced...

Let America be America again.
The land that never has been yet -
And yet must be -
the land where every man and woman is free.
~ Langston Hughes
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A Poetics of Peace arises at this critical juncture in the course of American history, when the exercise and expression of freedom requires a renewal of FREE SPEECH and a REVIVAL of the radical roots of imagination that can create 'another America,' the one still being dreamed in the land, in the country and in the diverse hearts and souls of its people.

Peace can only be made in the minds and hearts of women and men; yet free speech and genuine thought are the first casualties of war and the potential casualties of Homeland Security. Genuine peace involves learning ways to re-weave the fragile fabric of culture with threads of imagination, meaning and healing. The violence and brutality commonly found in the streets and foreign policies of America stem from an increasing loss of this 'living imagination.'

Peace is a vital re-creation at the edges of conflict, a reclamation of generative speech and creative thought. Not a march of answers, but a procession of ideas and a ritual of regeneration amidst the collapse of civility and world-wide loss of meaning.

Each occasion of A Poetics of Peace is a unique array of poems, stories, songs and rituals that recall the roots of language born again from the 'other America,' the land of welcoming and tolerance; a vital re-imagining that shifts 'olders' into elders and returns youth to the study of ideals born in the blood and able to grow a future from the ashes of the past; an artful ceremony that allows necessary emotions and deepens the sense of shared meaning and community.

Everyone Welcome -
Donations support youth and elder peace initiatives.

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