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Irony of Ironies

Another Portland Pig kills another innocent, and all the citizens can say is that they are "RUDE?"
Seems ironic that theDork bureau and the porn queen at silly hall would hold a press conference today, to release the results of the recent "how are we doing?" survey of the Pork department. More ironic is the ridiculous finding that the Pig bureau is "rude." Rude? Rowley's rangers rude? What the hell do they mean?
What? 06.May.2003 21:24


What, you don't think they're rude?

To be fair, the report covered *formal* complaints received during 2002. I've no doubt that it's absolutely accurate, so far as *formal* complaints received during January through December of *last year*. Recent events would be compiled in the upcoming report.

Perhaps you should file a formal complaint stating that they kill too many people for traffic violations.

Innocent 09.May.2003 06:08



I do believe that you might need to redefine that. Was the lady innocent. Are you now going to play judge and jury? Were you there do you have all the facts in that situation.