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Stop Patriot Act II

"Patriot Act II" would gut freedoms of speech and assembly, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to due process, and much much more. Like its predecessor, it would principally impact non-citizens. Sign the petition to stop PAII from becoming law, and tell all who care about basic civil liberties to do the same.
Oppose "Patriot Act II"!

Get signatures on a petition urging Federal representatives not to support John Ashcroft's Domestic Security Enhancement Act!

Sign it online:
Get more info and download the petition:

If enacted, the Patriot Act II would:

*authorize secret arrests including those of material witnesses who are not charged with a crime;
*bar defense attorneys from challenging use of secret evidence;
*deny the right to sue for information on detainees under the Freedom of Information Act;
*permit arrests and extraditions of citizens and non-citizens alike to countries with which the U.S. has no
extradition treaties and without regard for those countries' humyn rights records;
*strip American citizenship from anyone who supports even the lawful activities of organizations the administration calls "terrorist;"
*create a new category of "domestic security surveillance" for terrorism investigations with looser standards than criminal investigations,
*provide for extended jail terms for common immigration offenses; and
*allow summary deportation to any country in the world.

Like its predecessor, it would principally hurt non-citizens.

homepage: homepage: http://www.petitiononline.com/civlib/petition.htmlq

HOW? 06.May.2003 19:39


How do we stop any of this? We couldn't stop JTTF, we couldn't stop Patriot I, we couldn't stop Homeland security, HOW CAN WE STOP THIS? How do we stop any of this? We have a retard who nobody elected sitting in the whitehouse. He's in the whitehouse, and he wasn't elected. We all know it. But there he sits. We are watching our constitutional rights erode before our eyes. We have government spies keeping files on us, tapping our phones, watching what we write on this very site. The media is lying to us, and we can't seem to do anything about it. The government is owned by coporations. The "president" just started WWDubya, putting us all at risk, so his corporate friends can make some money. Our forests are falling, and we can't seem to stop it. In our own streets, we have police gunning down unarmed people, arresting people for holding signs, spraying people with chemical weapons for being on the streets. We have a police chief who gives medals to cops who kill an unarmed man in a psychiatric hospital. WHAT do we DO?

Please. If you know how we can stop PATRIOT II, please let me know. I'm just out of ideas here.

Well, for one thing... 06.May.2003 22:12

Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee

...keep contacting your representatives in Congress. A growing number of Representatives and Senators -- including some who voted for the original PATRIOT Act, and Democrats and Republicans alike -- have become so frustrated with the refusal of the Justice Dpeartment to give them any data on how the first law is being used that they are very resistant to the idea of passing any further law such as the DSEA. But as with many such things, they need to be able to point to the opposition of their constituents as part of such resistance.