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Does anybody have a local phone number for Cop Watch?
A friend of mine witnessed the police shooting yesterday and was harrassed by police when she tried to report an accurate account of what happenned. She has been given info on the Oct. 22nd Coalition, and is trying to get ahold of a lawyer. However, she would like to talk to someone from Cop Watch as well. Does anybody have a local phone number for Cop Watch?
Oh my - 06.May.2003 07:00


I don't have the information you're looking for - but when I saw this on the news - something didn't add up too me -

Independent Police Review 06.May.2003 07:32


Here is the number for the Independent Police Review 503-823-0146. Fax:503-823-3530

cop watch number 06.May.2003 08:11

a friend

the number for cop watch is (503) 236-3065

another number for cop watch 06.May.2003 08:13

a friend

to report incidents involving Portland Police Officers call (503) 321-5120

Here is a lawyer who might be able to help... 06.May.2003 22:56


have your friend try calling Alan Graf - (503) 452-2375, he might be interested in it. He is a lawyer

Interested in an interview 06.May.2003 22:59

The Rearguard therearguard@pdx.edu

We are an alternative publication and would like to get an interview from the person who witnessed it. If they are interested that is.

please contuct us at 503-725-2965


O22 coalition 07.May.2003 09:08


does anyone have information about the O22 coalition? I have heard of them, but don't know much about them, nor where to find info about them.

right and ture information 08.May.2003 22:56


An interesting bit of knowledge tohat people need to understand is that when your dealing with these types of situatuions the officers that become involved never have all the story. They never have the hind sight or the information that comes out later.

You, and myself included, rely on the policeand other types of law enforcement to come and solve our problems and or fix things. People need to understand that it is way too easy to second guess the action of those people after the fact.

I've got an idea next time there is a problem the folks that like to second guess these actions can go and become police, if you can, then you might.... and I say might have an idea about what goes on and how hard it is to make these desisions.

cop watch ........ how about community watch 09.May.2003 03:48


I have a better idea. In stead of causing all these issues with the Portland Police how about addressing the real issues on the street. Do some real community policing. Do things that work if done right.

Uniting Cop Watch project across the continent 18.Feb.2004 12:39

Alan Blanes alanblanes@shaw.ca

An Open Message to Portland Cop-Watch and ALL people wanting to achieve unity in Cop Watch Activity in Canada and the United States:

I have been involved with the Edmonton Citizens for Peaceful Communities group since it started its formation after the "Whyte Avenue Riot" in the Summer of 2001. This group has been seeking to link with the Alberta Public Interest Research Group - and to deal with serious problems that poison the relationship of the citizens of Edmonton with law enforcement.

One step, that we would be very interested in getting your co-operation on, would be to help with setting up a list serve for all investigators who are doing cop-watch activity throughout North America. I have noticed that evidence that is being wilfully ignored by local politicians, judges, senior police officials - needs to be taken out of jurisdiction and given an independent review by those who are able to send demand notice questions without fear of reprisal.

I urgently ask you to reply to this message - if you could 1] help compile a list of all cop-watch contacts across the continent 2] if you are concerned about the threat to democracy that exists when police are not held to scrutiny due to fear and collusion by the political structure 3] if you would be interested in formalizing an interest group among the PIRGs in Canada and the US to deal with funders and standard setting agencies so that we may be able to ensure that the public interest is truly being served by our efforts.

There are very serious issues that need to be dealt with in Alberta relating to police services running amok. There is for example the Sullivan/Bondar complaint relating to an aboriginal male who was severely bludgeoned by police while handcuffed in a Future Shop parking lot almost 2 years ago. Sullivan and Bondar witnessed the case from an overlooking balcony. They immediately lodged a complaint to the Edmonton Police Commission. Photos of the bludgeoned victim [laying in a pool of his own blood were taken]. This individual appears to have disappeared while in police custody. I spoke to a member of the Police Commission [Thiele] last month - he said that he had never heard of the Sullivan/Bondar complaint.

The Premier of Alberta Ralph Klein sent me a letter in May 1998 stating that he felt that freedom of assembly, association and conscience "were not recommended for inclusion in Alberta's human rights legislation" as freedoms to be protected. In the same letter he said that he would not support the right of a victim of brutalization to take evidence to a Small Claims judge. This is the kind of ideology that needs to be challenged if we are to replace fear of arbitrary unlawful actions by police - with social solidarity and mutual respect.

Please forward this request for help in creating a cop-watch network in our 2 countries to anyone who may be able to unite with this objective.

Thank you very much for reading this, and for your understanding that action is needed to make this cause effective,

Alan Blanes
Facilitator UNESCO Culture of Peace Initiative - Edmonton Committee

for further info go to " http://unesco.org/iycp" then go to Canada then go to
Alberta Human Rights and Civil Liberties Association

P.S. We are very interested in being a part of the Agenda 21 process to enable democratic values to be seriously developed and applied to repairing social abuse problems and to enable everyone to be effective in protecting the planet. See also on Google "Western Canada Agenda 21 Implementation Group". Your thoughts on formalizing a portal for cop-watch activity with this world program would be highly appreciated. A.B.

B-03 - 10620 - 104 Street, Edmonton AB T5H 2W2