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Book review of Dirk Kurbjuweit's "Our Efficient Life. The Dictatorship of the Economy and its Consequences"

Los Angeles in 2019. Acid rain drips down on amorphous human multitudes from the sky-high pyramids of the Tyrell Corporation recalling the buildings of the Mayas. This view could be a model for the third phase of capitalism. The all-embracing field of conflict seems settled. Only the way the dictatorship of the economy reprograms the world seems dubious.

In any case, corporate capital has long completely penetrated the intestines of society and even dominates the core of human imagination. Nothing belongs to the person any more. Even remembrances are implanted artificially in personal consciousness. What was described by Philip K. Dick as a science-fiction dystopia assumed concrete contours at the beginning of the 21st century. In reading Dirk Kurbjuweit 's book "Our Efficient Life", one has the impression that the blade-runner existence has already become reality. Kurbjuweit's central metaphor is not the android but the McKinsey person, a prototype of the worldwide consulting agent.

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