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The Peace Camp has been raided again. That makes it 5 times in just over 24 hours. It is a rainy, cold night in Portland and four stalwart protestors are spending the night without sleeping pads, blankets etc. just cardboard and umbrellas. They are not leaving!
The last big raid was at 3PM on May 3. They were told by Officer Westbrook that they couldn't have personal items, except what they could carry. She told me that if they had backpacks sitting on the ground when she drove by, but they put them on later she would take the backpacks off their backs. I spoke rather kindly of officer Westbrook in my last posting, but this is going to far. The Peace Campers are in great need of: legal advice, energetic but levelheaded individuals to stand shifts and cold and hot drinks. Please help!
It's over ... move on to something else 04.May.2003 11:39


The best advice I can give is to give it up as a lost cause and redirect your energies and passion into another approach. Not every action catches the imagination and serves as a focus for resistance. You've called for volunteers many times and haven't met with much success. You're tilting at windmills. I've been by Peace Camp numerous times ... it's pathetic and does nothing to further the struggle. It simply comes across as a visible symbol demonstrating that no-one cares.

I certainly support your cause 05.May.2003 10:50

Seville seville11@yahoo.com

I support your cause but I'm not sure about the means. I have to wonder if there is any real good to be had by continuing this Peace Encampment.

Face it - you are a motley bunch and look more like unwashed street people with no purpose and nothing better to do than like activists trying to change the world. I know in your hearts you believe in what you are doing but if you look like trash then the police will sweep you up like trash. And believe it - the Peace Encampment looks like crap. Hastily written signs on the back of pizza boxes. Rain sodden piles of quilts. Trash cans overflowing. You look downtrodden and act like dispirited losers. Most of the time you just sit there frowning and unhappy.

If you want the world to pay attention than you must appear to be more than a runny nosed homeless waif. You must appear to be educated. And educated people don't huddle under a blanket to get their point across. They stand up and speak even when no one listens. They are clean and look respectable even when no one is looking. They are enthused about their cause even if no one follows them.

what the fucking hell? 06.May.2003 00:18


I think maybe I'm not in the same movement as you, seville. fuck your little educated bullshit world. the class divide causes this idea where one country thinks it can blow the hell out of another country.
if there are mostly homeless people at the peacecamp, more power to them.
bunch of priviledged whining bastards.
I cant understand the blind disregard for the rights of the homeless.

overdue 06.May.2003 08:52

disgusted II

The cops should clean the peace camp up. It is unsightly and messy. Go home, the war is over.

Time for Tough Love 06.May.2003 09:51


You made my point very well Disgusted. I'm supposed to respect you but you can disrespect me. There is no class warfare here and the only whine I see is in your "Oh pity poor me" post.

I stood up many days and some nights with the Peace Encampment. To call me privileged is absurd. To call me any names for expressing my opinion is out of line and the exact opposite of what the Peace Encampment is supposed to represent, doncha think?

The war is not over and Peace Camp is not leaving! 07.May.2003 10:38

ExOdUs' Ex GiRlFrIeNd

I am a part of PPE and it is not going anywhere until the war is over! I support all of my friends there 110% Disgusted and Disgusted II, you are ignorant, read a book!