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In the last 24 hours the Portland Police Department has raided the Peace Encampment three times. Looks like they really want them gone, but Guess What? They are still there! This article was written 5/3/03 at 1:00PM.
On the evening of 5/2/03 and the early morning hours of 5/03/03 the Portland Police Department raided the Peace Encampment 3 times. (This was after the had raided on the morning of 5/02 and taken the potted plants as reported earlier. ) The first raid was about 9:00 PM. Four police cars pulled up in front of the camp with lights flashing and 6- 7 officers stood in front of their cars and ordered the 8 or so protestors to remove all their personal items. Some did so quietly and some responded quite vocally to the police. After all items were picked up the protestors sat or stood with their belongings and the police stood in front of their cars and nobody seemed to know what to do. This lasted about ? to ? of an hour. In their favor Officer Westbrook (on older female officer) was fairly polite and professional and explained that it was the "stuff" they were concerned about, but the people and the signs could stay. When we explained that it was "unreasonable" for people to protest without some comfort items (chairs, umbrellas) she just shrugged. When asked to produce a copy or a name for the ordinance they were enforcing they could not do so, and said their orders came from Sgt. Sablam.. When asked her political views Westover said she was not at liberty to divulge them, but when asked if she was a fascist, she replied "no!" I was asleep for raids two and three, but this is what was reported to me. At around 2:00AM one police car pulled up in front of the camp and turned on is car alarm waking up the protestors. He said some stuff along the lines of, "what do you think you're doing, the war is over, why are you still here." At around 6:30 AM three police cars arrived and once again asked the three sleeping protestors to remove their stuff. This time they said they would "forcibly" make them remove it if they did not do so themselves. Once again they packed their sleeping gear into their packs and the officers left. As of this posting the police have been by once more and told them they could not have chairs or coolers which fortunately they did not have. As of this posting a three protestors STILL remain, come down and join them.