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During the early morning hours of 2003.05.03, the next generation of the Portland Independent Media Center was launched...

Stay tuned for details about this breaking story.

More information to follow...

Congratulations 03.May.2003 04:00


Looking good!

Text /Font size is too small 03.May.2003 04:13


I don't like this new look. The text is too small. Especially on the newswire where you know have to use a magnifying glass to read the messages and images. Bring back to old Portland Indymedia--at least in terms of text/font size!

wonderful! Regions of Oregon amazing 03.May.2003 08:09

Valley girl

Wonderful job. The sections on the left side where you list the different areas of the region are amazing. I am always trying to find out what other parts of the Pacific Northwest are up to. You guys are just so amazing. Don't listen to the complainers...you are keeping us all free and informed!

ditto on the font size 03.May.2003 08:16

and i'm not even an old lady

this font can blind a girl. not sure about the rest of the new look. a bit shocking after the previous one. reminds me of the s.f. site. i liked that pdx was doin their own thing with the colors and such. nice additions however!

Font size on YOUR computer 03.May.2003 08:25


Hey all you font size complainers....the font looks great on my computer...even with MS Explorer...you can set the font size on your computer. Go to settings and control panel.

New look 03.May.2003 08:26

TeeGee web@codepinkportland.org

New look is good! Clean and fresh looking.

The main page is a little too wide, I have to scroll right to see it all and I have a big monitor.

I sent email to  technical@pdximc.org from a link on the left and it bounced.

PLEASE add Code Pink back to your list of peace and justice organizations:  http://www.codepinkportland.org

Thanks. You do good work!

mfd website 03.May.2003 08:46

mfd http://mazamaforestdefense.org

The link to the Mazama Forest Defense website is about 3 months old.


Looks good 03.May.2003 08:50


Good work guys, somehow both the Oregon IMC's are using Mir. Font sizes look ok to me, but if people want an increase, increase them, the geeks can always get around it anyhow with assigning font reduction to specific websites in their browser.

A little critique 03.May.2003 09:15

indy fan

Hey! Great job everyone. I like the look, and anticipate that this will mean fewer glitches. But, just one thing. I don't like the way this new site handles posting comments. In the old one, I could post something and it gave me a separate window to do it in. So I could check back at the articles I was posting about while writing my comment without having to hit "back" and then getting all lost. Also, after I post an article now, it seems I can't get back to the front page. Before, I could just click back into the front page window while the comment was posting, but now I need to hit "back" and then it gives me the original article but not the front page, so I have to hit "back" AGAIN, and wait, and then it gives me a warning screen. I have to actually quit and then come back in to get the front. This is time consuming and frustrating. Is this something you will be working to fix?

This is just meant as useful critique, but not as criticism of the great effort htis has been. I haven't worked on this any, mainly because I am not very computer literate. I thank you all for continuing to bring this service to the community!

comment in separate window back 03.May.2003 12:28

indy geek

comment in separate window back - thanks for the heads up

logo is a link to front page 03.May.2003 12:33


you can click on the logo to go to the startpage

all comments welcome 03.May.2003 12:46


btw, all comments welcome

YAY! 03.May.2003 13:03

New site is GREAT

Thanks for fixing the separate window thing. And GREAT work on this. I'm sure there will be occasional bugs as we all figure out how to work this, but so far, other than the separate window thing, I haven't found any. You must be great techs if you can change over the old site to the new one with such minimal disruption.

just testing 03.May.2003 13:19


just testing to see how quickly this comment will post. it use to take forever for some reason, and I have one of the quickest connections out there. anyways... blah blah blah, testing testing testing.... Great site by the way!!! Props to the genious tech people behind the functionality of PDX IMC!! <b>wow, html also</b>

Praise Jesus 03.May.2003 13:39


Oh my God, praise Jesus, the site is usable now. Fanastic job.

I'm with the rest on font size 03.May.2003 14:40


Maybe i just need glasses, but i'm with the others on font size. I did go to the control panel on my computer and increase my own font size, but it still looks tiny on indymedia and all the other websites fonts are huge. A plea; please make the font size a little bigger!!!

i like the font size 03.May.2003 15:06

Fay Kalius

Nice job on the redesign. I happen to like small font sizes but I can understand the accessability concerns. Perhaps the IMC geeks can impliment switchable stylesheets, that would be sweet.

IE's text size adjustment seems to have a problem with absolute measurements (ie. px) for font size and that's why it's not changing correctly. If you d/l a good open source browser like mozilla (www.mozilla.org) you can simply ctrl+ or ctrl- to adjust font sizes. I highly recommend mozilla to anyone as you also have built in support for ad and popup blocking, along w/ other goodies and the satisfaction that you're not browsing w/ M$.

font size 03.May.2003 16:13


yes, advising people to change their display settings doesn't work out too well. I tried it,and it made everything huge except the text on this site, which remained the same. And it was a pain in the butt to do and undo the setting change. For now, the newswire font has been increased to its former size, and indy geeks are looking into changing over to relative font sizes.

Open Arms, not Clenched Fist 03.May.2003 17:10

marc mbatko@lycos.com

Thanks Deva and Sparky for the new Portland Indymedia! The speed of the search capacity is breathtaking though I hope you can increase the font size
Thanks for fighting fire with fire
for fighting bad journalism with life-giving journalism,
for overcoming evil with good!
Thanks for the flame of positive resistance
in a time of standardization, phraseology and demoralization!
Following failed economic myths leads only to new recessions. Subsidies to corporations brings state deficits while increasing purchasing power and targeted public investment bring employment. The second red-green German govt faces even greater unemployment than 6 years ago after caving in to corporate trickle-down pressures and blames and punishes the unemployed for the distress of unemployment!
Hope like the immigrant is unsettling calling us to new paradigms.
Our social interdependent nature steamrolled by hyper-competitiveness, vulgar materialism and trickle-down mythology reflects our unfinished, complex, uncertain and infinitely exciting reality. Cities and bureaucracies that refuse critical thinking and culture shock are like the paralyzed rabbit before the snake of fear and speculation.
Thanks for a future of open arms, not clenched fists!
The power of language can overcome the language of power!
May we rejoice in our personal stories and in story-telling, not the stories of office buildings and a plethora of condominiums!

please bring back feature category banners. 03.May.2003 19:37


The color bar that set off the type that indicated the category for each feature -- like "May Day" or "Anti-war action" and the date really helped the old page design.

Also I'm glad you kept the Portland name -- although, "your news ... for Cascadia" wouldn't be bad.

Do folks in Vancouver feel disenfrancished?

Problem with the calendar 05.May.2003 16:07

scott thomson

The calendar lost all the postings when it changed format!
Another, bigger, problem is that when i listed an event, it didn't show up (it's been hours now!), and others seem to be having the problem, too. i found this item on the PROTEST.NET site that was not on the PDXindymedia site:  link to protest.net

calendar link problem fixed 06.May.2003 17:25

indy geek

calendar link problem fixed

also fixed the day view and list view problems

Blog 08.May.2003 06:50

David Konsumer

I sent a message to technical@pdximc.org and got a _Relay_access_denied message (on your mail server) when I sent a question. I guess I can just ask here: What forum system are you using? Also, you should consider using javascript email obfuscation, so spambots don't have a big spammy party on your site: like this:

Blog 08.May.2003 06:55

David Konsumer

blech. formatting bad. that should be: