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Urban Action Series @ PSU

From the open publishing newswire: STUDENTS 4 UNITY (S4U) is hosting an Urban Action Series event this May 31, Saturday from 12-4:00 pm.

Why Do U Care?
Your group is invited to represent your progressive politics in the form of a BOOTH on the park blocks. Share info on important issues, have fun, and recruit new members. We are aiming for a carnival/festival atmosphere so the only requirement is that your booth be somehow interactive: maybe people have to sign a letter to the governor, or get to hit a picture of your favorite villain with waterballoons, the sky is the limit.

What is the Urban Action Series?
In February S4U held our first UAS, which was attended by 100 community members and students. We expect at least double that attendance this time. During our first UAS we offered 8 workshops focusing on political skills and analysis (first aid for direct action, organizing for liberation, etc). Our theme is:
Expect workshops indoors and outdoors on things like political puppet making, theatre of the oppressed, free meals offered from the anarchist cooking collective, PSU and community groups will be present sharing their issues and ideas in the form of booths on the south park blocks.
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