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Critical Mass Turned Violent - By Portland Police

From the open publishing newswire: - I was under the impression that riding bikes in the street was lawful? I assumed wrong. That officer Rowley came zooming up behind us (about 40 people riding) and started laying on his horn - I looked back and recognized him - "that's the one that needs a hug" - He pulled out a red can of pepper spray and taunted folks with it - he was yelling too - but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I then asked fellow riders - "are we in trouble?". Being a single mom - and a self-employed artist - I can't - and don't want to go to jail - nor be beaten and sprayed. I was told no - just stay together and ignore them.

Well we rounded the corner - and the whole group was split into two groups. My group was told to drop the bikes and get your id ready. At this point I'm getting scared. It was as if they had swarmed in on us - and this whole time I'm having a good time and assumed I wasn't breaking the law. Officer Rowley was like a seething dog - not sure what his problem is - but he seemed to be extremely angry?? People were pushed to the ground - backpacks were RIPPED OFF OF people and their bikes - one other guy had 4 officers on him - (he was NOT resisting) - and had his forehead crack on the pavement. [Full Story...]

interesting ride this evening
I was riding with critical mass this evening when we were split into two groups. I was unfortunately a member of those singled out as an illustration of just how free we really are... This evening the critical mass ride was split into two groups by the portland police, quite violently i might add. We were then told to stay put and get our ID's ready. Some were told to sit down in the street by the police, while other officers were making sure nobody was to sit down in the street. i asked what our offense was and was ignored, the man standing next to me was asked if he had any other form of ID, when he responded no, he was violently grabbed and searched... [Read More...]

pictures of critical mass arrests When we turned left on Salmon it was so charming to see every one in the critical mass stretch out their arms in unison to make their left hand turn signals. The cops in the cruiser were not impressed. They had already flipped on their red and blue lights and siren and called for "back up". Before we crossed Tenth Avenue the cops began grabbing cyclists. I have no idea how they chose their victims. Here are some pictures of how the police handled two cyclists today: [Full Story and detailed photos... ]

MayDay Critical Mass a Success!!!
Not to disagree with any of the criticisms as to how the police attacked the Mass, I would still call the ride itself successful! We need to talk more strategy, but we always should be doing that (b/c the police certainly are!). The strategy of taking off from the main march seemed to work well, as WE RODE COP-FREE FOR OVER HALF AN HOUR!!! When I say that the ride was ÂÂ'successful,ÂÂ' I mean that we were 1. riding cop free, 2. corking at intersections and stop signs, 3. taking all lanes of traffic (in the direction of our travel, that is), 4. having fun, 5. not breathing tailpipe fumes from a dozen motorcycle cops, 6. actualizing a non-permited assembly. [ Read More... ]

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