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Olympia May Day Reports

From the open publishing newswire:
MayDay 2003 in Olympia (a real I witness account)
I walked up to the convergence around 12:34pm and saw an American flag! My first thoughts were that the fascists took over the Oly May Day. When I walked closer I saw that it was the Adbusters corporate flag—to my somewhat relief.

The crowd, or unruly mob as some will paint it, was unusually small this year. About 300 people made a quick turn towards the 4th Ave. Bridge, which is forbidden to protesters since the anti-capitalist earthquake destroyed it a couple of years ago. The Â"protest policeÂ", actually the die-hard liberals, heeded the pigÂ's advice and moved the parade the other way. The INB drummed us in a Â"nicer directionÂ". The black bock of two were thoroughly discouraged by this move.

We paraded in a snake march around Oly, stopping traffic and disrupting business as usual. We headed to the National Guard Armory by way of City Hall and Mickey DÂ's. Organizers wanted to point out the militarization of our community, and that if we ever did get out of hand, these assholes would be the first ones to try to fuck us up. Not on this day though. [Read More...]

Another Report
About halfway to the armory... I'm down below on the other side of the railroad tracks and a car honks and waves. I wave back, thinking that its someone I know, but its not. "I'm just waving at the parade." the driver of the Impala at 7th and Jefferson explains. ThatÂ's about what May Day seems to have boiled down to this year, just another parade in Olympia.

Well, maybe not "just another parade." As parades go, its certainly way down on one side of the spectrum down past the Procession of the Species and pretty far away from the Lakefair parade. But, yes May Day has become established. Now in its fourth year... [Read More...]

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