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Quick E-Letters Today to Stop Cat Bulldozer Sales to Israel!

Remember Rachel Corrie with quick emails today to newspaper ( forum@pjstar.com) at Caterpillar heaquarters in Illinois.

The time is now!
There's a call in the letters section in today's daily newspaper (Peoria Journal Star) at the headquarters of Caterpillar, Inc. to suspend Cat sales to Israel. The Chicago Indy Media site just posted a story on the issue at


Please take a minute to email the Journal Star in support of stopping Cat sales to Israel at  forum@pjstar.com.

If the paper gets enough letters in support of today's call to suspend Cat sales to the IDF, then the newspaper may finally do something (like write a detailed feature article) and the company would have to respond.

This is a great way to go right to the source of the problem. Support Rachel's memory and let Caterpillar, Inc. know how people all across the nation feel about their heinous blood-soaked sales to the Israeli military.

Now is the time. Slam the folks at Caterpillar and let them know we won't forget Rachel and the thousands more they've helped to kill.
letters to explosive component manufacturers 30.Apr.2003 09:33

mike h

I suppose you will do the same for explosives, and belt manufacturers, for supplying things for suicide bombers to continue killing hundreds, if not thousands every year.

Something tells me you wont, which again points out your hypocrisy

Mike H 30.Apr.2003 10:16


I can assure you that I will neither buy an explosive, a tractor, or a belt off the shelf for a really long time. I don't know if other people on this site would say that they would buy explosives, but my instincts say that not many people here buy explosives, or belts off the shelf for that matter. Which again points to your tendency for reactionary criticizms.

For Mike 30.Apr.2003 10:25


We must also remember that suicide bombing is a fairly new phenomen, when the Palestinians are incredibly repressed, and have NO VOICE, its as if they have no other choice but a violent reaction to the repressiveness they are under via Israel, not to say that this type of action is condoned, but when there are no other avenues offered, and more Palestinians are murdered and tortured far more than the Isralis what avenue would you presume they should take? The US state sponsered terrorism is far more costly to human life and fiscal responsibilites by the US is only going to increase in order to subjugate more Palestiniansa and deny them the ability to be recognized as a nation state as well as Israel...STOP SUPPORTING LEGALIZED MURDER AND TORTURE...genocide is never legit.....

True enough, but... 30.Apr.2003 10:37


don't assume there is hypocracy. No one is condoning suicide bombings. If Israel was not in illegal occupation and subjugating Palestians, there would not likely be suicide bombings.

Boycott Caterpillar??? 30.Apr.2003 11:22


1) does this site attract a lot of folks who regularly buy bulldozers? I suspect not, in which case boycott isn't really an effective strategy.

2) email campaigns are a waste of time. No-one, anywhere pays any attention to them or to on-line petitions. This is because it's so easy to fake this stuff.

What's your definition of Very Reasonable? 30.Apr.2003 11:26

Lars the Infidel

"Very Reasonable proposal from Barak"!? Dude, you've been brainwashed by the Israeli-American propaganda mills.

Barak's proposal had:

No Palestinian Right of Return &

No Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem &

No full pull-out of IDF from occupied West Bank & Gaza

among other things.

That wasn't reasonable. Do your homework and clear your mind.

And E-mail quick letters to stop Caterpillar sales to Israel at  forum@pjstar.com

Right on Lars 30.Apr.2003 12:05

Quite Right

I recommend you read some history that is not put out by the propandists in this country or in Israel...even so called "doves" have rejected an idea of a true Palestinan state...they wont even recognize the PLO as a body that represents Palestinans...the "intellectuals" have failed us..our media consistently misuses the words violence vs. resistence to Israeli occupation....children throwing rocks does not constitute an all out shooting spree via the IDF...read the "fateful triangle" by choamsky, this is a very short history of Israel, US and the Palestinians...its at the least a start...

crumbs 30.Apr.2003 13:55


Outside of Zionist occupied Palestine, there is NO Israel. And the crumbs of a once full loaf, that the Zionists murdered to steal, is not a reasonable offer to anyone but the prejudiced. Zionists have no business being in Palestine at all. Talk of nazi gold in Switzerland and it is, "Nobody can be allowed to profit from murder." But because the hebrews murdered the Canaanites, jebuzites, etc. for the land 3000 years ago, Zionists claim they have a right to murder palestinians for the land for over 60 years now. Zionism is an abomiNation in thier own eyes. But they don't have the character to even admit that thier war of conquest in Palestine is even rude, much less a murderous thieving crusade. It took the Hebrews 183 years to murder off the locals 3000 years back. Will Democraps and Republitrash still be buying the religious fanatic vote 120 years from now with the blood of the last palestinian? Will Americans still be targeted by terrorists because the political mis-leaders want the support of a special intrest voting block more than they want peace for the people here? Looks like it. When Silicon Valley is laying off thousands, Bush makes multi-billion dollar contracts with high tech companies of the Zionist crusader state. When our service people and vetrans are loosing billions in benafits, our mis-;eaders send the Zionist crusade an EXTRA $10 billion on top of the $5 billion yearly, plus we pay the Zionist's tribute to Egypt and jordan for appeasing Zionist agressions against Palestine, and when an American donates cash to the Zionist crusade, they don't pay taxes on the cash, so the rest of us non-religious fanatics get to finance thier prejudiced contributions. Rip off after rip off means the political mis-leaders don't care about us as much as the votes of a special intrest group. And don't even try to draft me to "defend" the OFFENSE of Zionism. they might get your kids killed for special intrest votes. But I would take them to court. I have already given up on the 3% whistle blowers award for exposing the Democraps and Republitrash shoving Jehovah's sick promise of other people's property to the Zionists down our throats. $5 bil + $10 bil + ? = over $500,000,000 that the law says should be coming my way.

plus 30.Apr.2003 13:59


having "one nation under God" in the pledge just brainwashes little kids to believe that if they do not support the Zionist's crusade in palestine that they do not support America as well. That is not just un-constitutional corruption of education. It is sick. They want your children's minds. Am I the only one who finds that foul.

You should have scean the title I edited out. 30.Apr.2003 21:01


Walk a mile as a Palestinian befor you presume to judge them. I never saw my friends and family murdered by foreign invadors, so I can't really know how they feel. The idea that they hate Zionists because the Zionists are jews sound lame when the fact that Zionists are murerous thieves is just as real. And I can't believe they hate us for being rich and democratic when Democrats and republicans buy the Zionist's supporters votes by reloading the Zionist's guns faster than the Zionists can empty them. What is the difference between maryland and palestine? when a sniper guns down people in Maryland, Democrats and republicans can't buy anyone's vote by reloading the gun.

Wha....? 01.May.2003 08:54


What is an inocent Israeli? Was schindler and the thousands just like him an inocent nazi? Or was he an oportunist feeding off the misery of the vanquished victims of foreign occupation? since Zionism is the COLLECTIVE effort to destroy palestine, all Zionist crusaders are accomplices, if not the actual perpetrators, and all have the blood of the vanquished on thier hands.
England and France declaired war on Germany because the nazis invaded poland, and not because the nazis gassed jews and gypsies, and many others they hated, several years later. When Arabic speeking people tried to liberate Palestine because the Zionists invaded, and not because Zionists gun down Palestinian kids in the streets for 60 years, they get trashed by the prejudice western media, governments, etc. etc. One gets called a noble effort. The other gets called a vicious attack. I love the hypocracy. It is so easy to rip apart.

tampons and bulldozers 01.May.2003 11:33

bloody hell

put a tampon in the gas tank of a bulldozer (or SUV or HUMMER for that matter) and the fibers will fuck it up really bad. good luck, and dont get caught!