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John Daley Responds To My Article: My Position Remains Unchanged

At 8:33 PM I posted this article on IndyMedia. A mere one hour and 29 minutes later, John Daley posted a reply.

John Daley Responds To My Article:
My Position Remains Unchanged

Author: Stephen DeVoy
Date: April 30, 2003

At 8:33 PM I posted this article on IndyMedia. A mere one hour and 29 minutes later, John Daley posted a reply. Read the first comment after the article on IndyMedia. As I predicted, John Daley would deny the implications of the article. However, my prediction does not prove that John Daley's reply is false. Let's analyze his reply and uncover its flaws:

First of all thank you for the traffic. Second, it's a little disconcerting to think that I scare you enough to generate all of this nonsense, but, to each his own. And I should say that I have nothing to do with the kobe or COINTELPRO people. (Of course you'll say that that is EXACTLY what someone who WAS involved would say, right?)

I should correct you on a few things. That is not my picture. Nor is that my home page. I did design the Special Ops page a few years ago (nice, huh?) but don't do much with it beyond that. If you want my picture, you can find it by going to what you refer to as my blog and clicking on info. (That will also save you the effort of seeking out my email address.) You may even enjoy my photography.

So where do we stand beyond this? I have to admit that I forgot all about our little ideological exchange, and didn't realize it was still bothering you. I still think your ideology is less than pure and I disagree with you about a lot of things. That's it.

Of course I can't dissuade you from your belief that I am involved in some conspiracy to silence, harass or somehow bother you. Like I said, I forgot all about you until I saw this in my referrer logs. But judging by the way you seem to obsessively harangue your perceived enemies, I can't help thinking that all this conspiracy stuff is just a self-fulfilling prophesy. Or maybe some people are having a little fun pushing your buttons because they know how you'll react.

In any case, I hope you continue to publish your worldview and I hope you will welcome dissent as well. Remember words won't hurt you.


John Daley

P.S. My apologies to readers of this feed hoping to find any real news.

The best way to analyze this reply is to consider its claims and form. Here is a claim:

"Like I said, I forgot all about you until I saw this in my referrer logs."

For those of you that own websites, you will know that it is highly unusual to detect references to your website a short one hours and 29 minutes after a link to your site is published. Some websites need to monitor access in real time. These website tends to be websites that are very well funded and present various security risks. The Guardroom is not such a website. Generally, references to a website are viewed in real time only when an attack is underway. I've had many links from articles on IndyMedia to my various websites and they have never caused a leap in traffic sufficiently significant to gain my notice within a couple of hours of their publication. Generally, references to a website are inspected one or more days after they have been published. This review comes in the form of summary reports. I do not believe that John Daley became aware of the article due to increased traffic to his website. If his claim had been made 24 hours hours after the article was published, I would find it far more credible. My conclusion on this assertion made by Daley is that it is false. Daley either monitors IndyMedia or someone sent him an email informing him of the post. There is nothing wrong with this more accurate assessment. The problem remains: why would Daley state, in my opinion falsely, that he only detected the link because of an increase of traffic observed in real time? The answer to that would be that he wishes to maintain denial that he monitors IndyMedia.

I have already established that Daley not only monitors IndyMedia, but posts under false pretenses. I have documented the fact that while he was trolling IndyMedia in Boston and confronted with the accusation that he was trolling, he denied it and attempted to portray himself as an ordinary visitor giving his opinion when, in fact, he was using IndyMedia as fodder for his law enforcement blog. See the article below for proof of these claims.

My above claims are further bolstered by his choice of a first sentence for his reply:

"First of all thank you for the traffic."

It was important to Daley that he establish immediately that he does not monitor IndyMedia. This is important to Daley exactly because he does monitor IndyMedia for intelligence gathering purposes. This is demonstrated by his own blog.

Let's look at Daley's second statement:

"Second, it's a little disconcerting to think that I scare you enough to generate all of this nonsense, but, to each his own."

Actually, Daley, if you "scared" me I would not be publishing an article about you. As a person that regularly takes on Bush, Ashcroft, and Poindexter, I feel absolutely no fear over your activities. I write about them not because I think you are particularly important, but because I think the abstract form of KOBE is important. KOBE is an instance of a class of activities. That class of activities endangers dissent in the US. My goal is to open up the eyes of activists to this class of activities for the purpose of preparing them to deal with this class of activities. I am proposing a method of dealing with those activities as well. That method is to expose those activities.

"And I should say that I have nothing to do with the kobe or COINTELPRO people."

This statement is demonstrably false. Daley is associated with the Boston Police Department Special Operations Unit. The Boston Police Department Special Operations Unit, like similar units in all major cities within the US, is engaged in COINTELPRO operations as authorized by the PATRIOT act.

I also have proof that Daley has joined with KOBE in a sequence of posts intended to defame and harass me. In that sequence of comments, various KOBE members provided false accusations from their usual collection of libelous comments, while John Daley thanked them for the tips. This, in isolation, means little. It is significant only when combined with the fact that he specifically targeted my posts, did so under cover, is associated with BPD Special Ops, and that his focus is exactly in line with the original individual that posted as KOBE almost two years ago, only to "disappear" after the KOBEHQ website was established.

The focus of this original KOBE was to attack me as being a "phony" anarchist. While it is true that my form of anarchism is different from the more common forms of anarchism, it is still a form of anarchism. The differences in my form of anarchism come from differences in my background. I am a degreed student of philosophy. I have sought to ground my theory of anarchism in rationalist political philosophy: specifically the philosophy of Kant. This makes me different, but it does not make something other than an anarchist.

The correlations between Daley and KOBE do not end there. Let's consider another attempt at a smear by Daley against me. In this smear, Daley provided a link to a post I made when I was a member of the Mars Society. This post is one that is often used by KOBE in an infantile attempt to discredit me. Daley claims that I want to send all anarchists to Mars. If this sounds like a twilight-zone-like attempt at a smear, it is. The history behind this is significant.

The Mars Society, a project I do believe in, has various e-mail lists. One list is dedicated to the consideration of what would culture and/or politics be like if humans were one day to colonize Mars. I looked upon this as a challenge to find a basis in anarchism that was unrelated to revolution. If humans were to settle a new world, humans would have an opportunity to start anew without government. Constructing a society on a new world would permit one to avoid the need for revolution. Starting from nothing, one could construct a new world rather than overturn an existing world. This appealed to me greatly as an opportunity for a mental experiment.

Mental experiments are a very common tool in philosophy. One merely starts with a set of assumptions and works forward to examine the consequences of those assumptions, often in an imaginary universe. I applied this technique to anarchism. The goal was to view anarchism as a positive set of beliefs rather than a reaction against the set of beliefs dominant in our current society. This bypassing of revolution, led me to consider a rational basis for anarchism, rather than a dialectical basis for anarchism.

That Daley would use this same issue as fodder for his disinformation campaign is clearly a KOBE-esque move.

Let's move on:

"I should correct you on a few things. That is not my picture."

As I made clear, one of the purposes of the article was to serve as its own COINTELPRO-like action. Thanks for following through and providing me with that information. I was seeking a confirmation or denial that the picture in question was or was not of you. I am aware of the picture on your homepage, but it is not a very good picture.

John Daley's reply has not effected my assessment of the nature or membership of the KOBE organization. Having dealt with KOBE for a significant period of time, I've learned that everything they post should be considered as possible disinformation. KOBE is not concerned about the truth. KOBE is concerned about its mission. It mission is to disable dissent through harassment. I warn readers that most of the defamatory replies to articles such as this are made by COINTELPRO operatives tasked with constant monitoring of IndyMedia. There is a great difference between criticism and defamation. Criticism attacks the argument, defamation attacks the individual making the argument. COINTELPRO is not about winning arguments, it is about discrediting individuals.

homepage: homepage: http://www.breakyourchains.org/blog/index.htm#JOHNDALEYRESPONDS

wow 30.Apr.2003 10:43


Everytime i read your stuff im just blown away. Its really amazing how much time you can spend on this. No offense or anything but dude go to march and get some sun or something. for one the internet doesnt rule your life and for two your probably right about the cointelpro but whats it going to prove. Yes the activist community is getting constantly stalked by law inforcement. There it is. We cant fight them legally and nobody wins except them when we yell at them through are channels of communication. It sucks. Fucks with the movement. Is horribly annoying. But thats life.

But do keep up the good work if you really dont want to get out. I always love reading your stuff because you link the most random links togethor. And i have no idea how you can go to so many indy sites, read them all, and still stay sane.


Every Elvis has his army 30.Apr.2003 13:52

...every rattlesnake it's charm.

"And i have no idea how you can go to so many indy sites, read them all, and still stay sane."

Yeah, well. I was wondering about that as well.

But I liked Daly's photography. For a facsist he is pretty talented.