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Is the Emperor's Clothes Website an Israeli Mouthpiece?

Here is a question for everybody....
The website Emperor's Clothes ( http://www.tenc.net) has done some interesting work concerning the stand-down of US Air Defenses on 9-11. Too bad, most of the work they have done since then has been one article after another defending poor little Israel. Most revealing is Emperor's Clothes take on the issue of Iraq which it, for the most part, has studiously avoided for the past several months--except of course to spin the issue in order to divert attention from the role of Jewish/Israeli influence in the USA pushing for this invasion and how Israel benefits from this invasion.

This raises the question of who Emperor's Clothes is working for, where do they get their money from, and whose interests do they serve.
There are alternatives 30.Apr.2003 04:15


IMC is still The One for the newswire-model (not content producing) category IMO, and there are tons of alternatives to TENC for content-producers (article writers).

Actually there's only that... didn't visit this anti-arab racist (even dared say the russians were right to crush the Tchetchens in misc.activism.progressive, the batstard).

The situation's like this, far as I can tell:

* there's the "the jews are at the center of it all" end of the dichotomy, led by nuts like whatreallyhappened.com (pains me to call them nuts because they did a good job on 9/11 reporting, and their 'famous quotes' page rocks - but they are rightist jew-obssessed monkeys all the same).

* there's the "the jews are the most morally justified, vicitimized people on the earth, all the others suck" end of the dichotomy led by TENC nuts. Pains me to call them nuts as well, since their work on 9/11 is very good.

* and of course, there's sites like  http://copvcia.com who did an even better job than the above two on 9/11 (cooperatively with widows and families from unansweredquestions.org) and give israel its exact money change on their atrocities, not more, not less, and mentiosn the FRIGGIN IMPORTANT topic of OIL, contrarily to WRH which hardly ever mentions it, and TENC which does actual misinformation ("there is indeed 40 years of oil left", "peak oil hasn't happend yet", "the afghan war was not about building a pipeline" and other horse manure).

My 2 cents: activists vastly under-estimate OIL and the impact that Peak Oil will have on their life very soon (has for the lst 2 years indeed) because of the misinformed folks at WRH and the disinfo-peddlers like Jared. Glad there is FTW to counterbalance...

The consequences of polarization 30.Apr.2003 04:43

Mike stepbystepfarm@shaysnet.com

This sort of thing is one of the consequences of "our" decision to "polarize" the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Of course for THEM (the Israelis and the Palestinians) polarization may be unavoidable. But we as more or less outsiders DO have a choice.

No, I am NOT trying to tell anybody how to choose, just suggesting that we choose with our eyes open with regard to consequences. IF we decide that there is to be no "middle ground", no settlement of the problem we can be for that is OK for both parties to survive, well then what is being complained about is bound to happen. And it is likely to affect our ability to work together on OUR ISSUES HERE.

See, I'm one of those people who disapproves of much of what the Israelis are doing. BUT (and this is a very big but) if "we" decide to become entirely polarized into a "you're with us or against us" and forced to choose between....

Support the Israelis no matter what the consequences for the Palestinians. Attack anybody who is for survival of the Palestinians. The slogan "No Arabs, no problem."
---- or -----
Support the Palestinians no matter what the consequences for the Israelis. Attack anybody who is for the survival of the "Zionists". The slogan "No Jews, no problem."

Well guess what. Then I'm not going to give a damn if you call me a "racist". I'll choose to fight for MY survival. Might I humbly suggest that the situation may be the same fro the TENC folks. That there is no question as was asked "This raises the question of who Emperor's Clothes is working for, where do they get their money from, and whose interests do they serve." PROBABLY THEIR OWN INTERESTS (in a polarized setting).

Oil is only part of the Issue. 30.Apr.2003 05:02

World Traveller

The War on Terrorism is only partially about oil and energy resources. Yes, as far as I can tell, "Peak Oil" is a real issue. However, if you go and check out other websites, you will realize that Oil is a means to another end...namely global American Empire. There are many websites which analyze the Project for a New American Century (which is close to the Bush Regime) and suggest that the real issue has to do with American hegemony--of which geostrategic control of oil is important but not the ultimate issue. Ruppert and FTW have definitely downplayed this issue of Empire building..

TENC is right when they suggest that American interests in Central Asia are not ONLY about oil (encirclement and containment of China, Iran, and Russia are also important).

But TENC is wrong to COMPLETELY dismiss Oil and Energy as a factor.

To me the best analysis of these issues is coming from the FOREIGN MEDIA, which analyzes American motives and agendas better than any US media--mainstream or alternative.






Try to live w/o oil, to eat w/o food 30.Apr.2003 06:53


Glad I caught an eye on the topic of oil... and even more to hear someone utter the words "Peak Oil" other than the couple folks who onpurpose (in educative purpose) forward such articles. thanks.

Ruppert and FTW have definitely downplayed this issue of Empire building..

I wish I could convey the feeling... Let's Try This: Do you agree that 9/11 was a second "reichstag fire" or not? If not, stop reading, because my point depends on this, you won't buy it otherwise. So my point goes like this:

* why didn't the rightist fascists implement their police state with bush the first, or even reagan, or another republican? * why wait until now?

If you know what Peak Oil is exactly (the end of our civilization, 4 billion people going back to entropy valhalha as the rest will barely be under the earth's carrying capacity once our fossil-fuel-subsidised agriculture crumbles), you are ready to understand that yes, there are other factors, but those factors are a consequence of Peak Oil.

If I get a bullet through my heart, of course it rips through my back, and tears the front skin on my chest, but the fucking point is that it goes through the heart and this is what kills me, it's not the back or front-sking damage that kills me.

Likewise, the fact that oil production has peaked in 2000 (http://eia.doe.gov ) explains why the ruling class as implemented the fourth reich just now, instead of having done it way before: they wanted the "party" to go on as long as possible. Then at the very latest moment, the biggest OIL-oriented presidential cabinet that ever was, stole the US-election and was in the driver's seat to blame the oil production deline on "those pesky arabs". Nothing complicated a priori.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED read on amazon: a book by richard heinberg called The Party's Over : Oil, War, and the fate of industrial societies. Also visit http://dieoff.org

If you don't understand the fundamentals, you're risking your life over the next few years as you won't be making the right decision (protest or not protest? liveing in the countryside or in big cities? remain dependant on supermakret's food or grow your own food? ..etc ad nauseum).

WTF? 30.Apr.2003 11:14

Joe Mama

Hey, that's great. IndyMedia deletes posts that include different opinions. So it is not acceptable to point out (in a civil tone) that the original post here is totally Anti-Semitic? But calling Jews racists is acceptable?

Anti-semitic, NOT 30.Apr.2003 11:56

not yo mamma, that's fer sure

Read the first post. Nothing anti-semitic there. To criticise Israel, to support the Palestinians against Israel, to denounce the racism and nazi-like behavior of Israeli people is not anti-semitic.

Israel is a great example of the evil of a nation state based upon ethnic identity and religion. At least in the U.S. anybody and everybody has come to live here and become citizens. The costitution still says separation of church and state. Israel is, constitutionally, an apartheid state. Saying it should not exist is not anti-semitic. It is saying that official apartheid states should not exist.

Sure the U.S. is supporting Israel, and is no beauty itself. But at least, in some very important ways, diversity is enshrined in the basic documents of the country. No American who loves the constitution and its amendments should support a racist state like Israel.

re: joe mama 30.Apr.2003 13:18

indy geek

the amount of sarcastic, misrepresentative, disruptive etc posts is increasing, so the weeds are being cut back. The garden is being tended. The more people respond thoughtfully, and on topic, refrain from name calling, baiting, getting into endless fights with trolls, and so on, the less posts will need to be hiddden.

posts representing all sorts of views get hidden based on the level of negative characteristic balanced against the general tenor of the site.

indy geek's foggy brain 01.May.2003 03:03

nota geek ora freek

indy geek, if truly an indy geek, shows us all the lack of clarity for censorship issues at indymedia. according to the standards above, any post, any comment, any poster, can be censored according to the whim of the current geek at the wheel.

that said, i do love portland indymedia. hope the above geek is not a portland indymedia geek.