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Marijuana Activst Ed Rosenthal to tour Oregon May 1-4 before June 4th sentencing

Ed Rosenthal To Speak In 5 Oregon Cities
Convicted Activist Fund Raises For Medical Marijuana Initiave #31
Ed Rosenthal, world famous author, businessman, and marijuana expert, will speak about his battle with the federal government over medical marijuana at events throughout Oregon, May 1-May4.

Rosenthal, author of over adozen books on marijuana, was convicted of cultivating marijuana in federal court, on February 4,2003, in a controversial decase that has attracted national attention. Rosenthal was operating legally under California's medical marijuana law passed by voters in 1996. He had authorization from city officials in Oakland Ca. to provide marijuana for medical patients through local dispensaries. However, during his trial in federal court, U.S. District Judge Stephen Breyer would not allow any evidence of medical use to be introduced. When the jurors in the case discovered, after the conviction, that Rosenthal had been providinf medical marijuana for patients, they staged an unprecedented revolt. Half the jurors appeared with Rosenthal at a press conference outside the San Fransico federal building. The jurors read a letter to Rosenthal apologizing for convicting him and demanded a new trial. One juror described the experience as the worst mistake she ever had made.

Rosenthal and his team of attorneys are still fighting to get a new trial or to appeal the original verdict. Rosenthal faces sentencing on June 4th 2003. He faces a mandatory 5 year-sentence.

Rosenthal is one of the world's leading experts on marijuan. He has autored books on marijuan cultivation, hemp, medical marijuana and other subjects. He was one of the drafters of Propisition 215, the 1996 California initiave that styarted the medical marijuana movement. Sice the la passed he has been involved in effoerts to implement the law locally.

Rosenthal will speak about his ordeal with the federal government in Ashland,Roseburg,Eugene,and Portland. A complete itinerary follows:

Thursday May 1 Ashland/Medford
1pm: Book-signing at Bartlett Street Bookstore Medford
3pm: Press conference, book-signing Village Baker Ashland
6pm:Banquet dinner. $50.00/plate Ashland Hills Inn

Friday May 2 Roseburg
12noon: Luncheon. $25.00/plate Douglas County Fairgrounds Floral Building.

Friday May 2 Eugene
3:15pm: Press conference at Eugene Federal Building- 7th&Pearl
4:15-5pm: Book-signing at Cafe Paridiso- Broadway&Olive.
6-7:30pm: Lecture: "My Fight With The Feds". $5.00 Columbia 150,UO.
8pm: Banquet dinner. $50.00/plate. Springfield/Gateway Doubletree Hotel.

Saturday May 3rd Portland:
3pm-5:30pm: Book-signing and pannel discussion: "The Future Of Medical Marijuana" with: Ed Rosenthal, John Sajo(OMMA2), and Rick Szymanski(OCI).
6pm: Banquet dinner. $50.00/plate. Llyod Center Doubletree Hotel.
Proceeds to benefiet OMMA2 Or. State Initiave #31
More info about Ed Rosenthal and his trial can be accsesed at www.greenaid.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.voterpower.org
phone: phone: 800 669-3037/ 503 22
address: address: 333 S.W. Park Portland Or