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radical feeder march

A radical feeder May Day march will meet at the SOUTH PARK Blocks at 4:00 on Thursday.
A radical feeder May Day march will meet at the SOUTH PARK Blocks at 4:00 on Thursday. Since when does the city issue a permit for a march without a request? The last time I checked the permitting process in Portland works like this...people fill out a request for a permit and the city grants it not the other way around. I for one oppose the underhanded regulation of how I am permitted to celebrate May Day and will be at the SOUTH PARK Blocks.
blah 29.Apr.2003 21:48

LeftFielder leftfield@post.com

And you are...?

Cop? Undercover agent? Do you do any actual organizing? Do you speak for anyone?

The fetishization of feeder marches is ridiculous.

It's happened before 29.Apr.2003 21:54

against permits too, but...

City granted May Day a permit last year too (was it mayday?)

It was free then, it is free now. That's the deal when they don't want to have to stop people from taking the streets. The MayDay committee brought the city their planned route. They didn't ask for a permit. The city offered to grant them a permit for free so the route the committee had planned could be theoretically unharassed...

At least that's what the mayday organizer who spoke on KBOO said. Other mayday organizers were not so pleased with the decision though I hear, since they had agreed not to sign a permit.

amusing irony 29.Apr.2003 22:16


I find it sort of amusing that a lot of anti-permit folks are getting all in a lather because they think the MDC asked for a permit. It is the "corporate media" which is spreading this rumor, and people who were involved in the MDC meetings have said, right here on IMC, that it is untrue. Who do you believe? Since the purpose of IMC is to cut through the fog of corporate media propaganda, why do some still doubt the first hand accounts?

To Alex 30.Apr.2003 08:06


I tried to reply to you yesterday. The site said is uploaded but it never showed.

I have seen the permit. Peter is the listed name for the coordinator with MDC as the sponsor. There is a listed address and since it is for a residential area in Tigard I will assume it is a valid address. I won't post it for privacy issues.

Somewhat off topic I know, but I did want you to know I had seen the permit myself.

Yeah, but 30.Apr.2003 10:15


How is this supposed to work? We gather in the North Park blocks to hear the speakers then quick run up to the South Park blocks to gather and march back down to the North Park blocks to join the main march? How about a RADICAL SPLINTER MARCH rather than a feeder march? At one point we diverge from the main choreographed march and take an unpermitted and spontaneous route. This would entail a fairly large affinity group to take the initiative and create the divergence.

... 30.Apr.2003 11:04


isnt that what essentially critical mass will be doing? is that even still happeneing? i saw briefly a post about it. i wish someone would be a little more clearer as to what is exactly happeneing.

bikes and masses 30.Apr.2003 11:30

red biker

I think the idea with Critical Mass is to ride away from the main march instead of trying to ride with it and getting tangled up with pedestrians and police escorts. The police will follow the peds, and we will be free to ride wherever we want, even parallel to the march, on sidestreets. A diversity of tactics and a diversity of groups taking to the streets in all different directions will keep the military police running in circles. They ain't too mobile in that riot gear, ya know?

radical feeders 30.Apr.2003 11:33


I dislike the idea of radical feeders because they split up the large group. A crowd of radicals standing away from the masses only serves as a target for police violence. Safety in numbers. Wear black and watch your back.

don't let them marginalize you 30.Apr.2003 11:47


I am all for people wearing red and black tomorrow, since those are the colors of May Day.

But PLEASE please please think twice before you put on a mask or bandana. The corporate media, the Lars Larsons out there, and the rest of 'em love nothing better than to see us marching in the street with masks. They use it to justify their view that the marchers are just a bunch of kids looking for a fight, and not really standing for anything.

No matter that they're wrong - if your actions help your enemy marginalize you, then you should reconsider those actions.

I say, bring your bandana and your goggles - but don't put them on until you need to. Our strength is in showing our faces, in showing that we're not afraid.

masks 30.Apr.2003 12:10


There's more to waering a mask than guarding from pepper-spray or trying to look bad-ass. Since the exposing of COINTELPRO, it has been plainly obvious that many government organizations have been monitoring and disrupting radical organizations. This is a threat to our personal safety and liberty. In this sense, we wear masks for our own protection. We do not wear masks to threaten or intimidate the public. Wearing masks also sends the message that we are in solidarity with each other as equals. We look forward to the day when we can live in a society where we won't have to wear our masks.

1 route idea 30.Apr.2003 13:49


an idea. may 1st is also 1st thursday this month.

how about marching through the pearl district and greeting the mostly suv driving suburban crowds who converge there to make the groovy art scene?

it could be fun. it would change the route which the permit spells out too.

thanks balanced 30.Apr.2003 13:54


somebody has some explaining to do.

route? 30.Apr.2003 14:01


What is the permitted route? Does anyone know that could post it here? Since the cops know, there's no harm in posting it here for us to see.