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Vote Against Massive PGE Executive Bonuses at the Lars Larson Show

Today Lars did an hour show with his only guest a PGE public relations guy. They traded many false statements about PGE executive bonuses and compensation, which were featured in a front page Oregonian article today at  http://www.oregonlive.com/search/index.ssf?/base/front_page/1051618200120440.xml?oregonian?fpfp
The Oregonian pointed out that PGE's president will be getting $800,000 in "retention bonuses" in the current 12-month period. Other executives are getting bonuses of $200,000, more than once, etc.

Among the false statement were that somehow PGE's executives are paid with "stockholder" money. PGE's one and only stockholder is Enron, which is broke, remember? Enron admittedly owes us PGE ratepayers $72 million from the 1997 merger agreement deal, but Enron is stiffing us. PGE has collected over $520 million from use PGE ratepayers under the guise of "income taxes" since 1997 but has apparently paid only a grand total of ten dollars (total) to the State of Oregon and a grand total of $230,000 to the IRS. That is where the money is coming from. Also, PGE rates include a line item for executive compensation, also.

In any event, Lars is running a poll on whether the PGE execs should be paid bonuses. So you can go to  http://www.kxl.com/lars.asp and vote no.
Bonuses=Unpaid Taxes? 29.Apr.2003 20:13

Arse Arson

Maybe PGE plans to pay the executives out of the taxes that PGE stiffed Oregon on.